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About Converted

A Digital Agency in Sheffield and London

Here are a few of the team who don't mind their mugs being online!


Managing Director

Commonly known as ‘El Bosso.’ Shane is the Managing Director and driving force behind the Converted culture. Shane loves a good R&D project nearly as much as cycling and quality vodka.


Operations Director

As our Operations Director, Cathal is responsible for making your projects Рand our team Рdeliver success.  Yes, he has a weird name
(it’s Celtic, and pronounced like alcohol without the ‘al’).


Creative Director

A Creative Director whose mantra is ‘Looks good, but does it convert?’ The only things he loves more than obscure and questionable noughties dance hits are conversion rate optimisation and design trends. Responsible for all things creative and development focused here at Converted.


Account Director

The authority on all things paid media, it’s widely accepted she now dreams in AdWords reporting format. A massive football fan, when she’s not delivering PPC performance, she is on the terraces cheering her team on. You’ll have to get in touch to find out who they are!


Account Director

An Account Director who knows a lot, about a lot. Development, Paid Media, SEO? All of the above? Quiet and calm at work, he’s a guitar-playing headbanger come the weekend. Owner of the offices best nickname, and someone who does not understand the words ‘pace yourself.’



A resident technology buff who loves all things hardware, software and petrol powered. Mirroring his passions, Lewis designs like a machine sent from the future to follow best practices and trends.  He is best known for his terrible puns.


Office Manager

Commonly referred to as ‘the glue that holds us together.’ While we are running around doing all the fun stuff, Lizzy quietly makes things work. It is no exaggeration to say that without her, there would be a significant increase in the frequency of head scratching here at Converted. A keen traveller, who can provide detailed insight into the best bars across the globe.


Account Manager

Connor loves the theatre, and it is this creativity he brings to digital marketing. A whiz with AdWords editor and the go-to man for all manner of PPC related work. On¬†a separate note we’re¬†all convinced he is a shareholder in Subway and Dominos, but this has yet to be categorically proven.


SEO Manager

A highly experienced SEO professional, who loves all things organic search. With a degree in journalism, it was natural his career would revolve around content, and it is this skill-set and experience of local to enterprise level¬†SEO projects that he brings to Converted. Outside of work, you’ll often find him dressed as a shark. True story…ish.


PPC Account Director

Having worked in London on large-scale marketing campaigns within politics and publishing, Katy joined us with a passion for digital and an eclectic taste in fashion. We have since learned that her life has been as colourful as her hair – oh, and her sister has the best job in the world.


Account Director

An Account Director with a varied history in digital marketing both in the North and in London. We’re not sure about her genetic make-up, but we do know that any temperature¬†below 30 degrees is classed as cold and requires an electric heater. One day she aspires to work in a vivarium.


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No, we’re not Google.
But we might have what you’re searching for.

Since 2007, we have been developing our expertise in the worlds digital experiences, and how they affect that all important conversion. The art of optimisation is what we love and it is this that has driven our success as an award-winning, independent digital agency.

Our straight talking no nonsense approach to the complex web of online, offline variables has led to many clients naming us their best-kept secret.

What else is there to tell? If you really want to know more about Converted, then get in touch or drop by for a chat.¬†We have no sales team, that’s not our¬†bag. It’s just a bunch of (well) seasoned marketing and creative professionals, waiting to talk to likeminded people about what cool things we can optimise together.

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