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Similar to the Google Partners exams provided by Google, Bing Ads has an accredited professional certification to ensure your skills and abilities as a digital marketing and paid search professional are up to date, in order to use Bing Ads on a day to day basis. The Bing Ads Accredited Professional Program provides the free certification to improve your understanding on how to manage and optimise a Bing Ads campaign.

The free exam features 100 multiple-choice questions and takes 90 minutes to complete. The challenge is that candidates need a passing score of 80% or higher. The accredited professional status will expire after one year. During the exam, you can mark difficult questions to review at the end of your test. If you do not pass the exam, you can just retake it.

The benefits of becoming an accredited professional include receiving an official member badge, increasing your industry recognition and being added to the accredited professional membership directory. Once you have passed the exam, you will receive accredited professional status for one year.

So now you know what the Bing Ads Exams are about here are our five tips for passing the Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certification.

Read Bing Ad’s exam study guides

Bing Ads offers a course to study towards taking the Bing Ads certification. The Bing Ads course covers budgeting, features and campaign optimisation.

Use the Bing Ads platform

This sounds obvious, but the easiest way to learn about Bing Ads is to actually use the online and Bing Ads Editor platforms. While using the platform, you should create, manage and report on a campaign.

Notice the differences between Bing Ads and Google AdWords

There are a few key differences between Bing Ads and Google AdWords. For example Bing Ads offers a negative keyword conflict report and also has a range of reporting tabs that are different to Google Adwords.

Read the question twice

When you are actually taking the test, you should always remember to read the question twice. Again this sounds obvious, but you have 90 minutes. The test is not a race, so take you time to ensure you’re clear on what the questions are asking. Remember it is an open book test, so you can always refer to questions online if you are unsure.

Practice exam questions

If you want to practice Bing Ads exam style questions before taking the exam, you can use a free trial of iPass which will provide more than 50 questions and answers to assist in learning for the Google AdWords exam. iPass also offer paid exam study for the certification, however as the certification is free, this is not recommended.  Compared to the Google AdWords Partners exams, the Bing Ads exam is easier and features fewer trick questions.

Example Questions:

Question 1: What is the best way to learn how many clicks Bing Ads has identified as low quality?

A)  Use commercial web-tracking software to monitor site traffic.

B) Add low-quality click values to your performance reports.

C)  Set up a monthly budget that allows for trends and fluctuations.

D)  Contact Bing Ads Support periodically.

Answer: B) Add low-quality click values to your performance reports.


Question 2: How many tags must you place on your site to track multiple campaigns?

A) One tag per campaign

B)  One tag per Ad Group

C)  One tag per Account

D)  One tag per website

Answer: A) One tag per campaign


Question 3: Which one of the following is not a report in Bing Ads?

A)  Performance

B)  Change History

C)  Campaign Analytics

D) Ad Sequence

Answer: D) Ad Sequence

Good luck with your own exam and let us know how you get on! If you are unsure of anything or want to speak to someone regarding your own PPC management then contact Converted today.

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