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A2BTransfers specialise in value for money airport transfers, they operate around the world providing a fantastically priced service and they’re a great company to work with too, they’re always open to new ideas to further add value to their clients and extend their reach.

In 2009 we took the account over and set to work to strip out the all removable costs due to limited keywords selection and matching. We increased negative keywords by almost 7000% at the same time as creating over 1,500 adgroups with more than 6,000 different version of adcopy and over 56,000 keywords. then carefully eliminating those that didn’t work and cultivating those that had promise to the streamlined account that runs now, still expanded by between 150% and 6,800% to when it started.

Through doing the hard work and adding more campaigns, hundreds of adgroups, thousands of keywords and negative keywords and writing targeted adcopy we helped drive a 166% sales increase coupled with a 200% increase in conversions as well as reducing the cost per sale by 66%,

Nice results we are sure you’ll agree. How would your business do with sales being one third of the current cost, double the conversion rate and 166% more sales volume?

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