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Home Leisure Direct offer the largest range of UK pool tables, most are available with interest free finance, They have built up a solid client base by offering great service and a huge range of pool tables and accessories.

The Background:

They initially approached us following a number relationships and discussions with other ppc agencies. Whilst delivering sales volume and traffic to their site this retail company was severely concerned that they had not been achieving their target cost per sale and therefore the campaigns were running at a loss.

The First Step:

Prior to beginning any work Converted conducted a thorough audit of the existing account using our in depth Health check analysis. Rather than speculate on actions we can use existing account information in order to help understand the market, the historic approach, the issues and solutions.

Once we understood the history of the clients paid search we then began our individual consultancy with the client to understand their business thoroughly. We believe that paid advertising should be an extension of the overall business with shared goals and principles. We focused on the client’s aims, their experiences, their customers, and their knowledge of the market. It’s important to understand the short term, long term vision the client has before committing to work.

Finally we used our own experience and research to formulate a plan of attack.

The Implementation:

Rather than following one rule with every client the account was built specifically to perform from them.

We approached this particular one with the mind set of cutting down costs and delivering a steady return on investment that would give the client the platform to grow successfully.

We re-structured the account in a way that allowed easier management, better allocation of budget, better relevance and quality score focus and aligned it with the long term growth plans for the business.

We then went on to produce tight ad groups, focused adcopy and worked with the client on landing pages to convert the traffic on site.

We cut out traffic that didn’t perform and created new searches for keywords that did.

Using Converted’s testing capability we progressively evaluated performance of the campaign at an ad copy and keyword level and altered them to produce higher click through and lower cost per click for higher positions.

The Results:

Click through rate improved by 60.80% and has continued to climb with the client now claiming over 10% of all relevant searches for their products.

Average cost per click was reduced by 21%

Cost per sale has reduced month on month throughout the relationship and saw over a 50% reduction from month one to month six.

Reduced overall spend by 46.60% which was a cash saving per month of over £3,000 yet delivered the same sales volume.

Delivered the same sales volume as the previous year by mid September.

All in all another great client to work with and some impressive results, the cost per sale was slashed by almost half, offline pool table sales and accessories have also grown strongly too thus lowering the cost per sale AdWords is driving, there’s still work to do yet too and we look forward to helping them grow their sales whilst cutting costs further.

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