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Light Mirrors approached us in the summer of 2013 with a view to getting support with their digital activity. They are national suppliers of bathroom mirrors, illuminated mirrors and cabinets based purely online and who target predominantly customers in the UK. At the time Light Mirrors were spending on digital marketing especially pay per click (Adwords), but not seeing the returns. They wanted to consultation and to engage with the right agency to help them (initially) make their digital marketing spend  profitable and then after this help them achieve their aims of growing to become a major provider in their industry by implementing a more medium to long term digital strategy.

To begin with we focused on the existing adwords account and landing page experience as these could provide the quickest short term wins. We resolved performance tracking issues the client had, so that all on site conversions were accurately measured and those achieved by adwords were tracked appropriately at a keyword level. Then once we were comfortable with the data we set about a process of rebuilding the adwords account to allow for better performance analysis and budget attribution.

Through a process of ongoing optimisation we were able to quickly eliminate waste and provide consistent quarter on quarter profitable growth for Light Mirrors.

This allowed us to move into more advanced areas of paid search management with the client to further increase their reach and pay per click ROI potential, which collectively allowed us to tick off the short to medium term aims for the client.

Part of the ongoing mid to long term strategy was to look at two key areas for future growth and sustained performance. This was the organic traffic performance and the site itself. Due to the successes we had achieved so far and the need to improve the online capability Light Mirrors migrated to a new ecommerce platform late Q1 2014 to Q2 2014. During this time Converted were engaged to provide SEO services, in terms of the site migration, which involved consultation and implementation services to ensure all relevant meta-data, site structure, redirecting and architecture were done accurately to allow Light Mirrors the best chance of performance. In addition our SEO services looked at increasing the websites number of non paid search visitors and overall domain authority, keyword rankings and more.

Over the course of 2014 here are some of the highlights we have achieved for them.

  • 11% increase in organic traffic Feb – October 2014 Vs the same period 2013.
  • Consistent month on month improvement in organic and direct traffic levels.
  • co.uk Page 1 rankings for the following keywords – illuminated bathroom mirrors #6, bathroom light mirrors #1, illuminated mirrors #5, bathroom mirror with lights #4, bathroom mirror lights #5, mirrors with lights #1

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