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Revival Beds approached us as they had concerns over their existing performance of both their pay per click campaigns and their website. This 30 year old business had enjoyed success through the quality of their handmade beds, however they did not feel there digital activity reflected this. We conducted a thorough audit of all their digital marketing presence including: pay per click campaigns, analytics data, onsite, organic and social. We provided a series of recommendations that started with an overhaul of the adwords account structure and the content messages of ad copy through to site. Once completed we worked with the client to improve the landing page experience and increase the performance of the buying funnel for the client. We have then looked at how to target and maximise new search opportunities for Revival.

The results of this 2 yearlong effort were and continue to be fantastic. The company has enjoyed its best ever year with sales increased by 29% on the previous year and 50% up since we started work together, which is a favourite statistic of ours!

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