Converting brand collateral into user engagement.

Creating a brand is one of the most meaningful and impactful exercises a business can do. Getting a partner who truly understands that brand and the customers it is aimed towards, is just as important.


We optimise brands to engage customers and leave lasting impressions.

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A user focused 
branding agency.

What Matters. 

We create memorable brands that perform to the target audience? This Forbes dude can tell you why it’s something to think about. 

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”

(Steve Forbes, Forbes magazine). 

Do you need new branding? 

This is a difficult question to answer. Although if you had a powerful one, you likely would not be here reading this. 

Here are some simple exercises to decide if you need to consider your brand. 

Remove your logo and colour pallete: If you were to remove your logo and your colours from your brand collateral would your users, or a new generation of users recognise your brand? Or are you just like all your competitors? 

If you can’t stand out, you’ll always be stuck in the chasing pack. 

Do you have inconsistent branding across all touch points? Does some of your collateral have inconsistencies? We all know them. The random images, icons, colours that appear nowhere else. You know when someone had a genius idea, that petered out, but still hangs around somewhere in the ether.

If you’re not consistent, your customers experiences aren’t consistent. 

Your business has changed but your brand has not. Your brand has changed but your business has not. Have you changed your business strategy, target audience or positioning? Or did you decide to change your brand through iterative change when you ready for a change? 

Aligning your brand to who you are now and not what you were yesterday will help your users connect. . 

A brand should be so much more than the sum of its parts. It is the impact it leaves on a person throughout the many modern touch points. It is the emotions it invokes. The impression it gives. It is the story it tells.

Why Converted for your branding? 

Converted specialise in creating brand collateral that stands out in the digital world. We have worked with companies in the UK and worldwide, creating everything from brand guides, logos, mission statements, tone of voice to a full suite of brand assets.

Research driven brand creation is at the heart of what we do. This is why we spend many hours locked away with our ideas, prior to the first image being created or the first paragraph drafted. It is this methodical structure to our work that facilitates moments of inspiration.

If you are looking at creating a new brand, or you feel your current brand does not reflect your business as it is now or where it wants to be, then speak to Converted.

Get in touch and be Converted.

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Here’s what our clients have to say!

Paul Tyler


“Converted have provided us with the epitome of partnership. They are an essential extension of our
in-house team and proactively serve up ideas and solutions as well as achieving great results.”

John Bancroft MBE


“Excellent service, great quality, and quantity of sales. I am absolutely delighted with the improvements that Converted have made to the quantity and quality of sales leads generated by the pay per click marketing that they have been doing for us.”

Christina Adamopoulou

Cognita Schools

“Converted have been managing our PPC and SEO activity at Cognita Schools for the past couple of years. They are a knowledgeable, hard-working team who will go over and above their responsibility as an agency and try to help with broader marketing issues as well.”

Adrian Leary

Revival Beds

“We have been with Converted for our PPC activity since the beginning of 2013 and it has been a very positive step for the business. Our account manager is very knowledgeable and always pushing to make changes/improvements whenever possible.”

Jamie Pierce

London Travel Clinic

“The team at Converted provide great support, crucial insights and excellent delivery across search, paid and web development. Their expertise in the digital space combined with a deep understanding of our customers continues to deliver excellent results for our business.”

Zak Edwards


“Best PPC agency I have ever worked with! From the onset, the attitude of Converted has been first class and the staff is always more than willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to get the job done! Our PPC campaign has grown tremendously in terms of ROI.”

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