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Are you looking for White Label PPC for your agency?

Converted offers an industry leading pay per click (PPC) partnership program to help facilitate growth for other digital businesses and their clients. This is both on a referral basis and white label pay per click. We currently work with Design Agencies, branding agencies, Marketing Consultants and more, to offer their customer base industry leading paid search expertise, without the fixed costs.

Here are some of the most common questions about our white label digital marketing answered.

What services do you provide white label?

All our core digital marketing and creative capabilities can be offered on a white label basis. This includes ‚Äď Paid Search, Organic Search (SEO), and¬†Web Design & Development.

How will the relationship work?

Each partnership is unique an Converted take care to ensure our partners have the maximum benefit from our services. Following an initial consultation, we will understand what you are looking for in your white label agency and tailor the service where possible to your requirements. For our white label clients you are the client, therefore, all work is done with your best interests in mind.

Does it have to be white label?

No. All partnerships can be either a straight referral or white label. Commission on all our digital marketing services remains the same regardless of whether it is white label or referral. The only difference is that you are the client for invoicing purposes and the point of contact with one and not the other.

How will reporting work?

You as the white label partner will have direct access to your account director, who manages the projects with you. You will have an effective stream of communication between all the stakeholders within Converted and your own team. Each month you will receive a branding free highly detailed report for use with your clients that contains all necessary information. These reports can be made bespoke to match requirements.

Will I receive help with my proposals?

For all our active white label digital partners we have assisted not only in the¬†tendering process but also successfully secured business for clients. Our insight and research can prove invaluable in defining the right strategy for your clients. What if some of our services match your own. There is nothing to fear. As a white label or referring client¬†you are just as valuable a partnership ‚Äď if not more so ‚Äď than any single client. We actively ensure we respect the relationships at all times. Cultivating mutually beneficial long-term digital partnerships is the key to our success. We are proud to say we have a 100% retention rate for our white label partnerships.

What are the next steps?

To find out more please contact us today and discuss your requirements with one of our team

Our market leading PPC partnership includes

  • Choose either white label PPC or referral schemes
  • Receive industry-leading partner payments
  • Enjoy customised reporting for you and your clients
  • Maximise your client relationship by increasing their performance and services

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