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388% Lead volume growth in 6 months

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Holiday Illness Claims

98% Increase In Conversion Rate

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London Travel Clinic

29% Increase in Annual Sales

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Revival Beds

Conversions up by 147%

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Cognita Schools

Conversions up by 147%

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Social Media Services

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What to say, how to say and when to say it. Social media converted!

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Providing ROI and results from
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Get more sophisticated with
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We’re a social media agency that believes in being social.


So, we’re also a #social media marketing agency (. . .based in London and Sheffield).

Let us ask you a question.

What does your social media say about you? 

With the introduction of social media platforms, businesses have an opportunity to engage with their customers and target audiences like never before. But for all the complexities surrounding social media marketing, at the end of the day, it’s about being interesting and relevant to the right people to make them engage in the right way.

It’s simply about putting the social in social media. 

Ask yourself:

  • Who is your audience?
  • How do they perceive you?
  • How do you communicate?
  • How can it be optimised? (hint: this is our job).

Between Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin there are subtle differences in each social platforms user behaviours. Understanding this means you can adapt your strategy and how you target and utilise these platforms. Done right, it can provide unique opportunities. You can use social media to ensure you have a consistent brand messaging, increase business awareness and customer interaction and engagement, as well as ultimately improve your ROI performance. 

How do we approach your social media marketing?

Define your Conversion:

We work with you to understand the goals of your social strategy. To clearly define what the conversion means to you. 

Social Assets and Brand Collateral

Before we unleash your brand on the social world we will analyse all your social assets as part of a thorough social media audit. Our creative and social team will work with you to provide a consistent, high-quality experience throughout your social media channels.

User-centric strategy

We will work with you to understand who you need to engage with and how.  We will look help create the social persona’s of your audience and investigate how they move through their social platforms. We will look at how we can best engage with them. Decide what original content will deliver right to the sweet spot. Ultimately we will work together to understand exactly how we want the customer to feel when interacting with your social assets.

Delivery and Optimisation

With our team of content writers, social media junkies and strategists we will roll out a well-executed social media marketing campaign for your business. As your social media campaigns evolve we will use the insight gained to refine and improve the strategy, connect with influencers and help convert your social media assets to customer engagement.


Converted will provide you with thorough reporting on all the relevant social media data and insight, from all your managed social channels. Get key decision making information quicker and easier with our help!

So don’t be anti-social, get in touch!

Paul Tyler


“Converted have provided us with the epitome of partnership. They are an essential extension of our
in-house team and proactively serve up ideas and solutions as well as achieving great results.”

John Bancroft MBE


“Excellent service, great quality, and quantity of sales. I am absolutely delighted.”

Christina Adamopoulou

Cognita Schools

“Converted have been managing our PPC and SEO activity at Cognita Schools for the past couple of years. They are a knowledgeable, hard-working team who will go over and above their responsibility as an agency and try to help with broader marketing issues as well.”

Adrian Leary

Revival Beds

“We have been with Converted for our PPC activity since the beginning of 2013 and it has been a very positive step for the business. Our account manager is very knowledgeable and always pushing to make changes/improvements whenever possible.”

Jamie Pierce

London Travel Clinic

“The team at Converted provide great support, crucial insights and excellent delivery across search, paid and web development. Their expertise in the digital space combined with a deep understanding of our customers continues to deliver excellent results for our business.”

Zak Edwards


“Best PPC agency I have ever worked with! From the onset, the attitude of Converted has been first class and the staff is always more than willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to get the job done! Our PPC campaign has grown tremendously in terms of ROI.”

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