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eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation: Tips and Expert Guidance

In the competitive realm of online retail, driving traffic to your site is just half the battle. The crux lies in converting your hard won traffic into sales. eCommerce conversion rate optimisation (CRO) not only strengthens your bottom line but also maximises the ROI on every marketing pound spent. If you’re keen on boosting your online store’s performance, here are some top eCommerce CRO tips, and how an expert eCommerce conversion rate optimisation agency can help.

1. Dive Deep with Analytics

Monitor User Journeys: Utilise tools like Google Analytics to understand where users are dropping off or converting.

Deploy Heatmaps: This visual tool can spotlight where users are most engaged on your site, tools like, or can help you see things very quickly!

2. Elevate Your Site’s Loading Speed

Image Optimisation: Large images can slow down your site. Compress your images without compromising quality, check out services like or, but also plugins may be available for your CMS so check around to see if you can automate this. 

Minify Code: Removing unnecessary characters from your site’s code can enhance loading speeds, take a look at sites like to optimise this.

3. Create Seamless Navigation

Organised Product Categories: Facilitate user browsing with clearly categorised Products. Don’t reinvent the wheel here, keep things familiar, but make sure that your categories, subcategories and then products are all in a logical hierarchy and order.

Efficient Search Tools: Integrate smart search bars that predict and showcase relevant Products. Over 60% of eCommerce sites ignore search optimisation yet there’s nothing worse for the user, or more unprofitable for the site than a search that yields no products so take a look at sites like and

4. Optimise eCommerce Product Pages

High-quality Images: Showcase products from various angles in high resolution. Try to avoid stock manufacturer imagery where possible. Also ensure that any images that are offer a ‘detailed’ view actually zoom in, and don’t just replicate the image at the same size as the original.

Informative Product Descriptions: Provide clear, concise, and compelling product details, but be mindful to avoid leading with industry terms that users may not use, instead think what the user is looking for as well as the benefits of the product, and the problem it solves. Remember ‘Benefits beat features’!

Optimise The Mobile Experience: Ensure your site is mobile optimised and doesn’t just render a miniature version of the desktop size on the mobile screen.

5. Streamline Your eCommerce Checkout Process

Guest Checkout: Offer an option for users to checkout without creating an account. We all want repeat business, but getting the first sale is the mission objective here so offer a guest checkout, then follow up with an email to create an account after the sale.

Multiple Payment Options: Make it easy and frictionless for the user to give you their money. Use credit cards to PayPal to digital wallets like Amazon, Apple pay or Google pay, cater to a broad audience.

Strip The Checkout Page Back: Just the essentials only here, no distractions! once the user is in buying mode, take their money. Take a look at Amazon’s check out page compared to pages leading up to the checkout!

6. Build Trust

Showcase Reviews: Positive reviews can significantly influence purchase decisions, so build getting reviews using sites like or into your sale process and then leverage them in your marketing, on site, in emails and social media.

Security Badges: Highlight the security measures in place, assuring users of safe transactions. Use SSL logos, privacy trust seals, antivirus approved badges etc.

Highlight Returns Policy: If you have a no hassle returns policy then highlight this.

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency: The ‘Done For You’ Solution

For many eCommerce site owners, managing daily operations while trying to master CRO can be overwhelming. This is where the expertise of an eCommerce conversion rate optimisation agency like Converted becomes invaluable. Leveraging our wider expertise in PPC, SEO, web & landing page design and CRO as well as more specifically; eCommerce conversion rate optimisation services, means that we can offer:

Expert Analysis: With a keen eye, Converted can quickly pinpoint areas of improvement, driving faster results.

Tailored Strategies: Based on your unique business model and target audience, custom strategies can be devised.

Ongoing Monitoring: eCommerce landscapes evolve. Regular monitoring ensures your site remains optimised.

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation Conclusion

eCommerce conversion rate optimisation is an ever-evolving discipline. With changing consumer behaviours and constantly emerging technologies, it’s imperative to stay ahead of this constantly expanding curve. Whether you decide to tackle eCommerce CRO in-house or prefer a ‘done for you’ eCommerce optimisation solution by partnering with a seasoned eCommerce conversion rate optimisation agency like us, the importance of CRO in today’s digital age cannot be overstated, it’s hard enough getting traffic to site so you need to ensure you are converting as much of that traffic as possible so please drop us a line to discuss if you’d like to discuss how we may be able to help you convert more.

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