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Email Marketing Converted.

Converted are highly experienced in the creation of effective performance driven email marketing campaigns. We recognise that this is still and incredibly effective medium for maximising repeat business as well as driving new business, overall brand awareness and current brand messages.

We know a good email campaign is only as good as its data and design and this is where our experience can be utilised to help your business create and grow a new marketing channel or improve the performance of your existing one.

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Converted can source and segment your data based on multiple criteria and demographic needs. We also design email templates, load and run the actual campaigns and then report your performance. By doing this we know we can drive superior click through rates with our appropriate targeting, creative design, enticing subjects and engaging ideas.

So if you have client email addresses you are not monetising or maximising, or you want to look into email marketing to add to your overall digital marketing strategy, then start by contacting us, for your emails Converted to opportunities.

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