Our History

Where it all began

The history of Converted harks back to the days of dial-up internet, good domain names, a pre-Google UK & one man. Shane – internet completed – Robinson, and his natural flair for paid advertising online. Marketing across Miva, Mirago, Lime Search (yep these were all search engines, look them up), Shane established himself as a UK authority in paid advertising and digital marketing.

Big G in the House! 

Then Google launched the worlds first Google Adwords professional exam. Shane was the first external person worldwide to pass the test (true story). Instead of a Silicon Valley tikka-tape parade, there was a rather nice pack of pens and paper, and a printed certificate (crumpled but still safely stored here at Converted…somewhere).

Maybe a successful affiliate marketer was not the person they wanted to win that particular accolade, but he did. So.. in your face Google.

As more digital business owners asked Shane to help them with their paid advertising and digital strategies, he quickly realised (unfortunately too late) that if he wanted to keep his hair, he needed additional help.

Thus was born our agency.

New faces, strange names and marketing awesomeness.

Starting out in purely paid advertising, the agency grew naturally through referral and recommendation (thank you to all you beautiful clients!).

2011 – This was the year we brought in Cathal as Operations Director. A man who puts the technophobe in technology.

Here’s a few of the things he blurted out over tea.

  • We will not promise the earth and deliver short.
  • Clients want results, and so that’s what we need to give them. Anything else – whilst nice – is secondary.
  • (And crucially) We will adopt conversion rate optimisation, and raise it as one of our own.

We also recognised that to evolve we needed world class website design and development skills in-house. As we have an ethos of only going after proven talent, so we naturally approached the owner of a design agency to become our Creative Director! Enter James (Jimmy) Canter.

2013 – So now we had awesome design, development and PPC skills, we invested hundreds of hours in researching SEO and practicing with our own websites (again, true story), in order to ensure we could manage others SEO projects effectively and hire the right talent. We all know how people can ebmellish in an interview. Not on our watch.

The good news is, we got there. If we may be so bold, our SEO work in those early days (and to this day) delivered some pretty impressive results!

New name, old faces, awards and the Big Smoke. 

2015 – The years had seen us doing more complex digital work. Larger projects and CRO testing aplenty. So at significant cost we managed to secure a brand and name that matched what we do, and what we’re about. Converted.co.uk was born. Oh, and we also opened up an office in the Big Smoke (Kings Cross, London).

2016 – Cue years of being so busy with client work that we didn’t have time to work on our own stuff (practice what you preach), finally we decided to take the plunge and see if our work was good enough to be recognised by the industry. We entered our first awards, clueless to the process and what a good entry looks like (and we’re still not entirely sure to this day!). Finalists of the Drum Search Awards first time out. Plenty more followed, including Google’s very own industry awards (lot’s of free drinks were had, thanks Google for giving a little back). In fact we currently boast a 100% hit rate for making it as finalists for every award we have entered. Whether we’re lucky or unlucky we haven’t decided (yes we’re looking at you Mr ‘6 Awards nominations and no win’ Biddable Media Awards 2018!)

Within it all, we won some pretty cool awards. Best Digital Campaign. Best Digital Converters. Best in Travel and Tourism. Best in Education. Ecommerce Design award.

Frankly though, we haven’t got time and the tables at those shindigs are sooo expensive.

New home, newer experiences (and slightly older faces)

2017 – We moved to our awesome new offices on the grounds of Renishaw Hall, stately home and gardens. Meetings by fountains & lakes, dontcha know.

Since then, it has been more of the same. Working hard on clients stuff. Not hard enough on our stuff.

Establishing our reputation as leading Conversion Experts and enjoying the challenge of growing results every year.