Founded by John Bancroft MBE, they are the UK’s leading professional badge manufacturer. Providing identification and corporate badges to some of the largest brands in the world.


Badgemaster a long standing client of Converted wanted to upgrade their existing WordPress website to become e-commerce. No problem. Easy peasy lemon….wait what now?

Yep, they also had a vision for a website that would allow users to have complete creative freedom to design whatever badge they wanted, but it would still be able to go directly into production without the need for the internal teams to manually alter the badge design to fit production specifications.

They also wanted a more custom experience for their VIP customers and integrate it all with internal teams and processes. 

The lemon was no longer easy, peasy, or squeezy. But we love this kind of challenge.


Due to the sheer complexity and scope of the project, we immediately recommended a Magento solution. Converted worked alongside Badgemaster production and design teams to understand the requirements for their products. We then set about creating an industry-first design system that allowed them to add new products while keeping the production requirements and user freedom in place.

We then integrated with back end systems and Sage payment & accounting solution and created a completely bespoke Magento extension for insert software

Finally, we created a custom back end portal experience for VIP customers, each of whom has their own idiosyncrasies.



An industry first, A website the delivered to the clients blue-sky brief and most important a website that helped Badgemaster convert like never before. It is that final fact that makes this project a #winning.

Here are some numbers:


Increase in traffic YoY


Increase in goal inquiry rate.


Consecutive quarters of ecommerce revenue growth

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