Big Warehouse Sale is a national supplier of carpets, furniture & beds. 


This client came to us with a pocket full of dreams and little to no traffic. A website that was built on an old theme and the infrastructure to grow significantly in the carpet industry, but needing someone to help them grow.

Oh and their feed was looking decidedly in need of TLC.


It started with a kiss.

Well, KPI’s, Intelligence. Statistics & Strategy.

Once we knew the ‘lay of the land’ we helped migrate the eCommerce website onto a WooCommerce build and removed all the unnecessary code and broken plugins inherited by the old theme, providing them with a tad more security, speed & stability than they had before.

Then we rolled out (pun intended) an organic content plan around carpets. We rebuilt the feed capabilities and re-launched paid shopping campaigns.

We did a lot of other pretty cool stuff afterwards, involving user research, UX and good old fashioned conversion rate optimisation, but we have to keep some things secret!


With a website that was previously based on a theme, it was a challenge to develop. However before we could recreate the site on a cleaner WordPress bespoke website build, we needed to get it improving its conversion rate.  We made a significant number of changes all based on CRO data and tested against the original for evidence performance improvement. Some of the changes made were around page layout design, filtering facets, mobile UX, and extensive redevelopment of the checkout experience.


From loss-making and poor visibility to a significant player within the market, all inside one calendar year. Boom.

Here are some numbers:


Increase in organic traffic


Improvement in revenue inside the first 3 months


Increase in average order value, in the first year

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