Ricoh. With over 1.4 million B2B customers globally. They are, among other things, an office solutions, infrastructure, IT and commercial printing powerhouse. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re kind of a big deal. 


This multi-billion £ global entity wanted expert help in tracking and understanding key business intelligence across their multiple customer types and website portals, throughout Europe. This information would form the basis of future development cycles and strategy for the regional Op Co’s. Allowing for data-driven UX development and business


It all started with the spec. We spent multiple sessions with the team talking about what they wanted to get out of reporting and how those actions would be implemented. As with all these things, it evolved as we went along. This project due to its scale, required a custom tracking installation, using (in part) GTM. Then we put our collective Converted noggins to analysing and feeding back the insights we uncovered.


For the first time, Ricoh was able to use accurate data and new business intelligence from across Europe, that helped change and shape their approach to servicing their clients, their internal works flows & future strategy. For the better…obviously.

Here are some numbers:



Increase in UK conversion rate


Increase in transactions


Increase in revenue

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