A specialist claims solicitors firm based in Manchester wanted to launch a brand specifically targeting holiday illness claims.


We were approached and asked to help this highly experienced claims solicitors firm create niche brands for specific claim types. They knew they wanted to focus on holiday illness claims, but had not website, strategy, content or funnel. This is what Converted provided (insert smiley face).


Converted conducted research and based on this created bespoke brands, right from domain to landing pages, and their content. We then went on to take these to market through highly targeted paid advertising campaigns.


Following research we found and obtained the right domain name and developed the brand around this. We then decided to go with a simple WordPress landing page that would resolve quickly across all devices and could be easily customised for different paid search audiences. 


From a standing start to having to pause PPC to allow them to catch up on leads! Letters from the countries largest tour operators wanting to discuss the record numbers of cases driven by one claims solicitors and a client that was able to grow their team significantly to handle the growth we had delivered. #winning


Growth in lead volume in 6 months


Below CPA target


Landing page conversion rate

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