Revival Beds are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of luxury handcrafted beds and bedroom furniture. They make awesome four-poster beds, and let’s be honest if we had the bedroom size, we would.


These people make amazing beds, but their digital strategy was in need of a major overhaul. The performance had declined. Like a lemming, SEO had gone off a cliff and PPC put the C in CPA (Cost Per Sale – for you acronym newbies). They had invested in and launched a new website to recover this drop in performance and traffic, but unfortunately, this didn’t work.

The situation was most bad people. Most bad.


Before we did anything we needed to be clear on what the issue was. Believe it or not, we found the first clues to fixing things when we investigated online to offline tracking & attribution. We coupled that with a full technical and UX audit of the website.

When the client was telling us we needed to run, we made them stop and look around. This gave us clarity and a road map for resolution.

What happened next could fill a winning award entry (yep, went there), but we’ll give you some of the early actions so you get a flavor of what you could expect. (Deep breath, then)… We sorted imagery on the site, speeded it up, rebuilt the Google Ads account, Improved the code base, reviewed the mobile experience, re-wrote a ton of content, changed CTA’s, conducted SEO A/B testing, got into some major CRO activity and generally got all those hands to the pump…(and exhale)


Work on the website included tidying the websites codebase removing unnecessary java and CSS. Site speed optimisation. Work on image resizing across devices and browsers. Fixing faults with the configurator and only then were we able to switch to CRO Agency mode and begin a systematic redesign of pages based on conversion optimisation research and best practice.


From the threat of business contraction to on target performance inside 8 weeks. Record-breaking months in less than half a year. A record-breaking year the next year, followed by three years of consecutive record performance.

Our work was shortlisted for the Google Partner Awards for Europe and Africa and earned us an agency trip to Dublin, We didn’t win, but we did drink (lots of) their champagne.

Still no four-poster bed though. One day people. One day.

Here are some numbers:



Increase in annual sales

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