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Display and Search customers have very different behaviours and buying appetite when engaging with pay per click advertising and therefore need managing separately, both in terms of strategy and application. We are experienced in getting the most out of the display network and other ad networks to support your traditional search based pay per click advertising. Converted also provide engaging banner advertising design in both animated and static format.

Finally the most important aspect (in our opinion) of the display network is the ability to re-market to previous visitors to your site. This marketing channel is not always relevant to a strategy, but time and again we have seen opportunities for good re-marketing being missed either through a lack of awareness or a lack of proper execution.

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Our remarketing and display network features

  • Advanced Relevant Customer Targeting
  • Unique Ad-copy To Engage Those Customers
  • Beautiful Still or Animated Banner Ad Design
  • Re-Marketing Campaign To Bring Back Customers

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