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The benefits of using a ppc agency

Hiring professionals for your ppc management can have many benefits. Here are a few.

PPC management is the art of managing a PPC budget and strategy, in order to deliver on the business goals.

So what is the benefit of using a pay per click agency?

When PPC Management sounds relatively simple, what’s the point in paying agency fees? Well the execution can be incredibly complex and requires experience, knowledge and a high degree of skill. It combines many elements from mathematics, data analysis, customer behavioural profiling, good old marketing nous and a large degree of creative thinking.

Good PPC Management can turn failure into opportunity.

Converted are often asked to help turn around underperforming or stagnating ppc projects. In fact this is our most common issue when approached by potential clients. This proves that there are businesses that have been operating their own ppc campaigns for some time, as well as other professional digital marketing agencies, who still cannot deliver the right performance to match their business targets. Performance in adwords or any pay per click campaign is not guaranteed.

So if you are a new start up company or someone who has never used paid search/pay per click before, getting the right results can be even harder. Before you know it you can spend lots for little or no return. Getting the strategy and implementation of your pay per click and biddable media campaigns is essential and this is where agency support can be vital.  

The qualified expertise

There are multiple ad platforms, whether it’s different search engines, ad networks or digital advertising mediums such as video, display and search. All require different knowledge and understanding. Google alone has exams for search marketing (basics and advanced), mobile marketing, video marketing, display marketing and Google Analytics to pass.

When you work with an agency you have access to this knowledge and skill set. You have a team that keeps up to date with the latest innovations in pay per click, CRO, UX as well as the latest technical requirements.

The time you can save.

When committing to PPC, you have to be aware of the amount of time needed to properly research, create, implement, analyse and refine a pay per click project. PPC can be both labour intensive and highly specialised. If you have neither the time the skills or the experience, then ppc management is often a more profitable and more realistic solution.  

Without expert support you can lose valuable time that you could spend working on other aspects of your business, just trying to keep on top of what the data says, let alone keeping tabs on the industry, competitors and planning and implementation of change and improvements.

The money you can save

Paying for a PPC agency might seem counter intuitive to the argument of saving money. However it is in all likelihood the outcome you would see. An agency who knows what they are doing should always be able to deliver better results than someone who manages their own paid search campaigns. In such a specialised industry it is hard for people from other industries to become an expert at PPC while fulfilling duties in their own business.

Not reliant on one person

You may want to choose to hire your own in house PPC team. While this is a viable option, you must remember that a good digital agency will have a team of qualified professional consultants. Should you hire one in house individual you trust all results and knowledge to this one person. Additionally the cost of hiring just one pay per click expert in house can be more expensive than using an agency. This is before holidays and sickness is factored in, at which times you are likely to be without anyone actively managing your ppc activity.  Considering the minimum holidays are 28 days in the UK, this means no active management for one month out of every 12.

The reporting and insight

When you hand over your marketing budget, whether it is in the thousands or the millions, you need to feel comfortable that the money will be appropriately managed and that you will get the right insight and reporting. So that you can understand the data and results paid search marketing generates for your business.

When you use an agency like Converted you will benefit from people who know what is important to your business and what is ‘background noise.’ Therefore the insight, ideas and observations can prove critical to long term ROI and ROAS performance.  

Additionally you can focus on other areas of the business knowing that you will regularly receive meaningful reporting that provides the right data and insight to allow you to confidentially make strategic decisions to benefit your business.

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