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Cathal Saunders | Operations Director

Cathal (pronounced like alcohol without the “al”) has over 15 years sales, marketing & leadership experience with strong links to Financial Services and Project Management. He has been involved in the planning and launch of multiple products and campaigns for both SME and blue chip companies. He prefers people to technology which is perfect when it comes to producing strategies that focus on the objectives and the customers as much as the systems that support them.

James Canter | Creative Director

James has been involved in site design and development since the day he walked out of university all those many moons ago. As a business owner himself James came to Converted to work with like minded people and create something special. James takes overall responsibility for any design or image based projects using his annoyingly natural talent to create truly unique concepts.

Maggie Robinson | Online Director

Maggie comes with a pedigree of international business knowledge gathered from her time working in Europe before moving to London….then Yorkshire! Originally working in investment Maggie has spent the last few years in employment law & HR. Maggie ensures we all cross the t’s and dot the i’s and that Converted remains an excellent place to work. A self confessed social media junkie, if you can think of a social platform Maggie has a profile on it, uses it regularly and knows how to engage with people on it. Feel free to follow her and see where in Europe she ‘checks in’ next.

Jody Sykes | Account Manager

Jody brings a wealth of agency experience working on the front line of paid search. Jody likes nothing more than to sit down with her clients and discuss how to implement a successful paid search strategy. Jody is a keen football fan and plays Sunday League football having previously played for Huddersfield town, the team she still supports today. And in true footballer fashion Jody even sports her own private number plate JOD3Y. Now she just needs the Bentley!

Ash Auckle | Account Manager

A football nut. To quote the man himself ‘if it wasn’t for football I’d be an incredibly boring person.’ This statto like mentality has served him well in his career within SEO and PPC. A man who likes large data analysis Ash will spend hours looking in to the granular detail of a paid search performance in order to provide clear strategy and actions for a customer’s ROI. Outside of work Ash likes fine dining, and fast dining……dining in general really. He is known on first name terms in most of the restaurants in Surrey, Derbyshire and Yorkshire.

Shane Robinson | MD

Shane has been involved in the Pay Per Click industry since well before AdWords launched in the UK in September 2001, he’s spent many millions of pounds on clicks from Google, Yahoo and MSN (now Bing), Miva and Mirago (both many moons ago!) and Facebook thus honing his PPC knowledge and skills and forming the PPC management service offered by Converted. In 2004 when Google launched it’s Advertising Professionals program; he was the first person worldwide to take and pass the exam.

Jenny Earnshaw | Account Manager

Having worked with PPC budgets from £10,000 up to £5,000,000 per year, Jenny has a knack for adjusting her approach to the needs of the client effortlessly. Meticulous and thorough in her approach to her role, Jenny ensures clients rightly feel confident nothing is going to be missed under her watch…..ever! Jenny finds sensible logical actions that regularly improve digital performance. Proving she is not only 100% devoted to doing the right things in work, Jenny also volunteers with the RSPCA outside of work…when she’s not on crazy festival weekends away that is!

Lizzy Hardy | Accounts

Known simply as Bostik in the office (not really), Lizzy is the glue that holds us all together! Handling accounts and administration Lizzy provides key services that allow the rest of us to do what we enjoy! Lizzy is a naturally gifted learner. Show her once and she absorbs it like the proverbial sponge. Going about her duties in a quiet and efficient manner, with Lizzy things just get done! Which makes it even more interesting to note that outside of work Lizzy is the very definition of a party animal. Our Christmas Party pictures are presented as exhibit number 1!