One of the UK’s largest independent jewellers and watch specialists, operating bricks and mortar premises plus an e-commerce presence.


They wanted an answer. Why was revenue was declining year-on-year and what should they do about it? Then we had less than 9 months to turn around a decline in annual performance and deliver growth for the full calendar years performance, to achieve their ambitious goals. 


We did a LOT of analysis. The answers were there. In this case, it was a traffic issue and the marketing campaign execution.

So we did some fairly granular stuff to the shopping campaigns, device targeting and remarketing (lots of ‘ings ‘ there.). We also did some technical SEO work and analysis, that secured some great wins. Finally throw in some Geo-specific activity, targeting footfall.


From underperformance to a record year. Record revenue figures were achieved. Best Xmas ever. Best year ever. Boom.

Here are some numbers:


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in transactions


Increase in revenue

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