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SEO Company in Sheffield – Finding the right SEO Services Locally

Attract more organic traffic that actually converts.

A stable and scientific approach to growing your SEO performance using the 4 pillars of SEO.

You want to find a Sheffield SEO Company you can trust. One who can help you rank locally around South Yorkshire, nationally, or even internationally.

But how do you choose the right SEO Experts? In this guide, we will provide you with some guidance on what to look for in your SEO company. The questions you should be asking, as well as some SEO Companies we know have been active in the Sheffield space for some time. 

DISCLAIMER: While we know of many of these SEO Companies due to our experience with the digital marketing industry in and around Sheffield, we are not guaranteeing the experience and results they offer, because frankly they aren’t us!

Search Engine Optimisation

Choosing the right SEO Company – Why its important.

Let me guess. You want to be Page 1 on Google? Are we right? If we had a £1 for every time we have heard that.
However, we fully understand why. Building a marketing strategy for your business nearly always includes driving digital eyeballs and traffic to your website, app, product or service. 

Organic search engine traffic has often been the most valuable of these traffic-generating channels as it’s essentially ‘free’ traffic and often has higher conversion rates than other channels. Users often place more trust in the results that are on page one of the Google SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) and are more likely to convert on those, than companies they find deeper into a search engine, or through other means. 

Although we all know free doesn’t mean free. To get SEO performance you need to invest. Whether it is an investment of time, or your marketing budget, acquiring professional SEO services.

Choosing the right SEO Company can have many benefits:
Choosing the wrong SEO Company can have some obvious problems. It can cost you with little to no return on investment, lack insight and understanding, waste time (meaning you lose ground on the competition), and in a worst-case scenario, lead to a drop in performance.

Local or Not to Local, That is the question! 

Are SEO Companies in Sheffield Any Good? 

Believe it or not the Steel City is one of the UK’s hubs for digital marketing talent and services. Sure it hasn’t got the razzmatazz of a London or Manchester, but often it doesn’t come with the same price tag. You get the same level of expertise, but it costs less.

Don’t you just love Yorkshire? 

On top of that you have their knowledge of the local market. Then there’s the meetings. We love a good Google Meet, but there’s nothing like meeting in the flesh. Shaking a hand. Enjoying a pint…I mean coffee! 

Choosing a local Sheffield SEO agency means you can more easily see each other and the agency can more easily see and understand your business. 

5 Things You Should Look For In Your Local SEO Company (and 3 you shouldn’t!)

What you should look for from your Sheffield SEO Company

  1. They can work across all of the areas that impact SEO.

SEO is not just about writing content. It’s not just about getting links to your website. Good SEO is improving what7 we call the 4 pillars of SEO (more on that later)

  1. There case studies that are relevant 

We’re not saying you should look for who works with your direct competitors. We do think you should look for companies who have experience in your business type. Are you ecommerce? Then look for someone with solid experience at SEO for ecommerce within the Sheffield area. Do you work in B2C lead generation? Are you an SME or a large multi-national manafacturer? Try to find people who know what it takes. 

  1. They’ll provide an audit or proposal for you. 

Before you sign with anyone you need to know their level of knowledge and what they’ll bring to your Sheffield business. Any SEO Company worth its salt will conduct an audit and give you some idea of what to expect, what the issues and opportunities are, prior to you signing with them. 

  1. They don’t look to tie you in for a long time. 

Yes long contracts provide the agency with security, but if your SEO service provider is looking to tie you down to a long term contract (12 months for example), then while we wouldn’t dismiss it, we would mark it in the cons column for that company. If you do a good job a client should want to stay with you. Simple. 

  1. They wont give guarantees. 

If anyone outside (and likely inside) Google fully understands the SEO ranking algorithm and how to guarantee results, they’d be a millionaire many times over. You are the behest ofa third party. Sure, do the right things and the odds of success are more stacked in your favour, but there is no guarantee good work will lead to results. More important to the level of business changing results you want.
Anyone who promises page 1, promises results – tread warily my Sheffield friends! 

3 Things You Shouldn’t focus on

  1. They’re award-winning

Yes we are also award-winning. Yes we often use it in our marketing campaigns. Because it works!! So why are we telling you not to look at awards? Well because one award win, does not mean consistent results. Awards are fickle things. We’re not saying they can be bought… 

Like in football a trophy in one season is not a guarantee of success in the next. Sheffield clubs know this only too well. So while awards are lovely, they aren’t what defines an agency. Give me experience and specialist knowledge over a plaque any day! 

  1. The Funky Office

Wow their workspace is so cool. Their building so original. They have a Fussball table in their pictures and fake grass indoors (sorry, just been sick a little in my mouth). 

Simple reason – who do you think pays for that? How something looks isn’t a guarantee of how it runs. 

  1. They offer SEO Service only

Agencies that do one thing, became very en vogue. You’ll hear the words ‘niching down’ used often. But some of the best SEO specialists we’ve ever hired, worked with or interested with worked within digital agencies that did multiple things.
We have specialist in PPC. In website conversion optimisation and of source SEO. Put them all together working on one project to the same goals and you get a much more powerful end result. 

How much does a Sheffield SEO Company Cost? 

How long is a piece of string? Every SEO company or digital agency has their own pricing models based on costs, profit margins and how they approach the work for the client. We base our pricing on day rates and how much time we think it will take to get you results. More conversions. Some might charge set packages. Some might charge a percentage of your profits (these normally end up costing you more than you should be paying).

So you have to look at the investment Vs your own budget Vs the confidence you have in the SEO companies you are speaking with. 

The Best SEO Companies in Sheffield 


We’ll start with us (obviously). We tick all the boxes for people looking for SEO Services in Sheffield. We have worked on a local, national and international level. From large-scale ecommerce projects to small niche marketplaces. 

We have specialists who can help you

Research and analyse your marketplace and SEO strategy

  • Create new engaging content that search engines like 
  • Build your websites online authority. A major ranking factor for search engines 
  • Improve the Technical SEO of your website, including Core Web Vitals, Site Speed, Migration issues and more. 
  • Improve your conversions. We understand how to attract more customers and get them to convert more often. It’s kind of our bag. 

SEO Works

Based in Sheffield these guys have been around for a while. Starting in SEO they have moved out into other services. Large team and located in the centre of Sheffield.


Started life as a development agency and caught national attention when the former Managing Director created a website for car mats that did £1million in its first year. Right time, right place and fair play to him. 


Another company that started out in website development before moving into other services. A big agency that has bought out other agencies to increase the size and expertise of their team. We can’t imagine they’re cheap! 

Getting ahead is about outperforming the competition in the four pillars of good SEO.


User Experience

Engaging Content

Industry Authority

The Process

Our methodology allows us to analyse your business and investigate the different elements of a its conversions.
We use this to find areas of improvement, focus and opportunity.

Converted analyse 25 base elements of a conversion, examples include:


& Qualitative




& Marketplace





Service Offering

Click through to get an idea of what you can expect from our SEO service.

Audit for Macro & Micro Goals
Pixel Review & Implementation
Analytics Review & Event Tracking
GTM implementation and development
One place for all marketing reports
Centralised data from all channels
Customer reports built
Dashboards for real time reporting
Dedicated channel specialists
Project management system
Cyclical roadmaps of work
Direct contact with your team

Case Studies

Examples of our work, experiments and results.

CRO research and testing leads to big wins for this B2B manufacturer.

Footwear giant has their performance Converted after CRO research informs a new marketing strategy and website experience.

A group-wide project leads to key changes in approach, culture & results.  Digital Impact Award 2018 winner for best digital campaign & strategy in Education.

CRO. Marketing. Creative. The full bag of mashings leads to record-breaking results for this amazing furniture company.

Brand new website and significant performance improvements for this fashionista.

CRO research and testing leads to big wins for this B2B manufacturer.

Footwear giant has their performance Converted after CRO research informs a new marketing strategy and website experience.

A group-wide project leads to key changes in approach, culture & results.  Digital Impact Award 2018 winner for best digital campaign & strategy in Education.

View all our case studies

  • SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of improving a website to increase its visibility on search engines like Google and Microsoft Bing.

    When users search for information, products, or services, SEO increases the chance of your website appearing during these searches, helping to boost the number of visitors to your website.

    For example, let’s say you’re an e-commerce website selling personalised t-shirts. A well-optimised and highly authoritative site in this niche will likely appear high in the search results when a user types in “personalised t-shirts.”

    There are four main types of SEO that all contribute to the likelihood of a website being visible in the search results. They are content/on-site SEO, technical SEO, authority/off-site SEO, and user experience.

  • SEO is important as it increases the visibility of your website to users searching for products or information in your business niche. An increase in visibility means more clicks and traffic to your website, resulting in a higher chance of converting visitors into customers.

    While you can use PPC advertising to drive website traffic, SEO means you don’t have to directly pay for your leads. Instead, users will organically arrive on your website. Outside of this, SEO is also great for PR, as it can build trust and credibility in your business by appearing high on search results.

  • An SEO agency helps optimise your website to improve visibility on search engine results pages (SERPS). This increased visibility results in more clicks and traffic to your website, enhancing the chance of your visitors converting into customers or leads.

    At Converted, we specialise in what we call the four pillars of SEO; content, technical, authority, and user experience. In practice, we:

    • Write and optimise content around keywords to improve visibility on Google
    • Use software to review and suggest fixes for complex technical issues
    • Utilise our experience to monitor and review user experience and suggest improvements
    • Build website authority by using tried and tested link-building techniques and strategies.

    Alongside this, we’re on hand to answer any SEO questions, advise on the best course of action for strategies you want to implement, and provide in-depth reports and analysis to improve your insight into customer behaviour and how they are searching for your products and services.

  • Technical SEO is the process of optimising the functionality of a website to help search engines effectively crawl and index pages, improving organic search rankings and visibility.

    In practical terms, technical SEO can make a website run faster, and be easier to navigate and crawl by search engines through proper internal linking practices. Technical SEO can also ensure your website is secure and fully functional with no broken links or pages, enhancing user experience alongside search engine rankings.

  • Converted charge a single fee to encompass all aspects of SEO. For a single monthly charge, we will optimise content, review and suggest fixes for technical issues, and build authority to your website – all leading to increased visibility on search engines and a higher chance of conversions and lead generation.

    We’ll also conduct in-depth competitor and keyword research to see opportunities, implement regular checks to see if your website is being crawled effectively, and provide regular reporting and analysis so you know how your customers are behaving and what you can do to capitalise on this.

5.0 Rating


Verified Buyer

Converted are an extremely good partner to our business and genuinely feel like part of the team. They are responsive, proactive and provide excellent support, both in terms of managing our campaign activity and ensuring that we are equipped with the most up to date knowledge of trends and digital best practice. I have no hesitation in recommending Converted, a great team.


Verified Buyer

Been working with Converted for some time and genuine feedback is they offer a 5* service. Down to earth, very communicative, on the ball and know what they are doing. All the team we have spoken with have been fantastic, and account managers are very responsive to any questions.

Most importantly: They deliver results.


Verified Buyer

I have worked with Converted for a number of years now. Their work is always on time and to a very high standard.


Verified Buyer

Converted are an awesome agency and team of experts who’ve helped us achieve our goals consecutively every year that we’ve worked together!

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