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  • Shane

    Managing Director

    Commonly known as ‘El Bosso.’ Shane is the Managing Director and driving force behind the Converted culture. Shane loves a good R&D project nearly as much as cycling and quality vodka.

  • Cathal

    Operations Director

    As our Operations Director, Cathal is responsible for making your projects – and our team – deliver success. Yes, he has a weird name (it’s Celtic, and pronounced like alcohol without the ‘al’).

  • James

    Creative Director

    A Creative Director whose mantra is ‘Looks good, but does it convert?’ The only things he loves more than obscure and questionable noughties dance hits are conversion rate optimisation and design trends. Responsible for all things creative and development focused here at Converted.

  • Lewis


    A resident technology buff who loves all things hardware, software and petrol powered. Mirroring his passions, Lewis designs like a machine sent from the future to follow best practices and trends. He is best known for his terrible puns.

  • Connor

    Acount Manager

    Connor loves the theatre, and it is this creativity he brings to digital marketing. A whiz with AdWords editor and the go-to man for all manner of PPC related work. On a separate note we’re all convinced he is a shareholder in Subway and Dominos, but this has yet to be categorically proven.

  • Katie

    Project Manager

    Coming to Converted from deepest darkest Bedford, Katie is as fluent in Swedish as she is in PPC Management and Hubspot utilisation. Katie brings a wealth of knowledge in both …

  • Jd


    His name is not short for Jack Daniels, but like the whisky, he’s often found near bars. When he’s not calling for shots, he is calling the shots for many …

  • Cip


    Cip (pronounced Ship), is our chief developer and a whiz at pretty much anything code related. He’s helped solve some of the most difficult challenges our clients have faced and …

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