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Ecommerce Search Engine Optimisation

Organic growth focused on transactions, not just traffic.

We know better than anyone that organic traffic which doesn’t convert, achieves very little.

Which is why we use tried and tested CRO principles mixed with specialist ecommerce SEO knowledge to ensure you attract more organic traffic and convert more of that traffic into transactions.

We have delivered successful ecommerce growth for clients on all the major ecommerce platforms including Big Commerce, Shopify, Magento and WordPress WooCommerce.

As an award-winning ecommerce SEO company based in London and Sheffield, we have over a decade of experience in analysing, planning and executing ecommerce SEO growth strategies.  

From deep technical reviews, log file analysis, crawl budget usage, CWV, reliable link building and converting copy, to opportunity analysis, competitor research and much more. 

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Our Awards & Accreditations

The Process

Our methodology allows us to analyze your business and investigate the different elements that influence SEO & the conversion.
We use this to find areas of improvement, focus, and opportunity.

Converted analyze 25 base elements of a conversion. Examples of these elements include:


& Qualitative




& Marketplace





Service Offering

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Crawl Audits
Crawl Budget Review
Log File Analysis
Linking Architecture
Original Content
Copy Testing
Backlink Acquisition
CWV Analysis
Competitor Research
SERPS Research
Voice Search Optimisation
Usability & Accessibility

Case Studies

Examples of our work, experiments and results.

Footwear giant has their performance Converted after CRO research informs a new marketing strategy and website experience.

Looking to grow from a start-up to a gift retailing giant? You want to grow annual revenue 8 years in a row? We say: ‘Hold my beer.’

UX, CRO & Marketing for this jewellery retailer, delivers record-breaking growth in traffic, revenue and sales.

Industry-leading eCommerce website with some majorly cool stuff.

CRO. Marketing. Creative. The full bag of mashings leads to record-breaking results for this amazing furniture company.

Magento development and SEO page ranking awesomeness . . . ness

From underperformance to an industry leader for this games room eCommerce company.  Digital marketing done right.

Footwear giant has their performance Converted after CRO research informs a new marketing strategy and website experience.

View all our case studies

  • Ecommerce SEO is a way of making your online store more visible to potential customers on search engines like Google. By optimising your ecommerce website around SEO principles, you’ll appear in relevant searches for your business and products – increasing the chances of getting sales.

    You can learn more about the principles and best practices for ecommerce SEO by following the link to this article on auditing your ecommerce SEO

  • In our experience with ecommerce websites, the best ecommerce platforms for SEO are:

    • WooCommerce/WordPress 
    • BigCommerce
    • Shopify
    • Magento

    Woocommerce is a budget friendly addition to a standard WordPress website. WordPress has often been a go to for companies looking to launch a new website due to its SEO friendly structure and the huge community out there creating solutions for it. 

    Magento is ideal for enterprise level ecommerce companies, but can be expensive to develop in. That said, it offers many SEO benefits. 

    Shopify and BigCommerce are specialist Ecommerce platforms that are custom built to make launching your online store and marketing it easy and intuitive. We have significant experience working on SEO projects on these platforms. 

    There is no one right answer. We have our preferences, but it is project and business dependent.

  • We can answer this with one word. YES! SEO is a fundamental part of any ecommerce business and their marketing strategy. Having a healthy organic channel can massively effect your overall ROAS. It is a long term investment, so while you can often see immediate results, it is about continually doing the right things and sending the right message to search engines and growing your organic traffic and revenue. 

    So if you are wondering how to spend your marketing budget then we would always recommend considering ecommerce SEO, but if you are looking for immediate day 1 returns you may want to consider ecommerce PPC services.

  • While we strive to be the best ecommerce SEO agency we do not charge the same as other agencies. Our pricing is fair, but is calculated on the individual business resource needs. Some websites are significantly larger, more complex or in more demanding marketplaces. All these variables can affect the resources needed, so we don’t work on packages. We understand what you need to see results and charge accordingly. 

    Contact us for a free SEO audit and a quote for our ecommerce SEO consultancy services.

  • While we started life in Sheffield, we have an office right next to Kings Cross in London. This allows us to service ecommerce businesses throughout the UK. 

    So we provide all the benefits of having an ecommerce SEO agency in London without the London prices! 

    Visit here to find out more about our Sheffield SEO agency! 

  • Yes. Not only do we offer SEO services across leading ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento & WordPress, but we also have specialists in paid search, shopping, paid social and conversion rate optimisation.

    Ecommerce CRO is a particular focus for our agency and you can find out more about our testing services on the link provided.

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Converted are an extremely good partner to our business and genuinely feel like part of the team. They are responsive, proactive and provide excellent support, both in terms of managing our campaign activity and ensuring that we are equipped with the most up to date knowledge of trends and digital best practice. I have no hesitation in recommending Converted, a great team.


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Been working with Converted for some time and genuine feedback is they offer a 5* service. Down to earth, very communicative, on the ball and know what they are doing. All the team we have spoken with have been fantastic, and account managers are very responsive to any questions.

Most importantly: They deliver results.


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I have worked with Converted for a number of years now. Their work is always on time and to a very high standard.


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Converted are an awesome agency and team of experts who’ve helped us achieve our goals consecutively every year that we’ve worked together!

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