From a small group of medical professionals in London to the largest private vaccination company in the UK & Denmark. Specialists in travel vaccinations within the London area.


When they first came to Converted, London Travel Clinic wanted to discuss how we could help their overall performance online. While enjoying some success, they had a number of problems.

They needed to improve the tracking of all new business.  PPC with their current supplier was not profitable.  They were not giving them insight or opportunities for growth. SEO had reached a plateau. They felt the website performance could be improved. 


We implemented an appropriate online and offline tracking solution so that London Travel Clinic had sufficient data to make informed decisions. We then began an overhaul of digital marketing, which included rebuilding the PPC accounts and a thorough SEO strategy, that looked at all aspects – technical, onsite & offsite. Then we worked with the internal team to create a CRO culture that allowed for ongoing testing and improvement to UX. 

More recently we were asked to conduct an original research piece into their customers, the market, and UX. This led to a new website and some significant findings. 


Having conducted some uber research across the customers and UX we set about designing a website that would retain the SEO performance, but create a more seamless experience, specifically on mobile devices. We also produced some custom WordPress plugin development to allow for better integration of the booking engine API and the live website. Orrrrr long story short, we made it better.


Record-breaking results. Award-winning work. Significant improvements in traffic, bookings, ROI, physical premises, and staff. Competitor acquisitions were possible and good times were had. All that growth delivered with Converted’s support. 

Here are some numbers:


Increase in PPC conversion rate


Increase in visitor to booking conversion rate


Increase in annual traffic in one year

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