A worldwide leader in private education. Cognita has over 77 privately owned and run schools located across the globe, educating over 50,000 students.


Cognita approached Converted to help their digital marketing team and their group of Schools evolve & improve in a number of areas digitally. This included falling organic traffic, stretching growth targets and a real need for better overall insight for the Group and its individual schools.


This involved some major research and strategic thinking if we do say so ourselves. We had to create a systemised approach while catering for the individual needs and propositions of the schools throughout the UK. Across multiple digital activities. 

Yes we did some good work in some of the digital marketing channels, but that’s standard. Some of the cooler things we did were writing, designing, and taking to print an SEO guide for use for all schools internally, catering for all levels of knowledge, and teaching best practice.

We conducted multiple seminars for the teams, at their global marketing event held in a very posh London hotel.

We analysed each school, the competitors, the websites, and provided a framework and approach individual to them while developing a group-wide digital strategy.

We created tracking solutions for them all. It was a LOT of Google Analytics and Tag Manager time right there. 


Digital Impact Awards 2018 for the best digital campaign and strategy in Education. Stopped a group-wide decline in organic traffic. Delivered record pupil inquiries. 

Here are some numbers: 


Increase in pupil inquiry numbers (throughout the UK!)


Increase in organic traffic across the groups school websites


Increase in AdWords conversions.

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