The Call To Action is too often overlooked in landing page testing!

Most landing page designs focus more on what elements are on the page than than the actual call to actions that trigger the user to take the desired route or carry out an action on site.

In landing page design several factors need considering such as those listed below. In an ideal landing page the more of these there are on the page the better the conversion, things like a prominent logo to identify who you are, contact number (in most cases), prominent contact form for lead generation programs, and a very important point number 4: A strong call to action!

Landing Page Optimisation Factors

This along with a compelling value proposition (number 5) are two of the most important and influential elements on the page that affect conversion and they are often the two most overlooked and under considered two pieces on a landing page!

Below are some examples of how a strong and relevant Call To Action can help boost conversion over an average one.

SmartShoot Call To Action Case Study :

Call To Action Case Sutdy

Image Credit

The SmartShoot call to action case study tested the industry standard term of “Post a Project” against “Get a Quote” and even though the industry standard had “it’s Free” under it, the “Get a Quote” call to action boosted conversion by a whopping 35%. Sometimes it really does pay to go against the established industry norm!

WriteWork Call To Action Case Study :

Call To Actions Case Study

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Subscriptions increased by 31% when WriteWork tested “Create Account & Get Started” over “Create My Account” call to action. It’s surprising that this worked so effectively as “Create My Account” is quite compelling, but by removing the “my” and adding “Get Started” an extra 31% in subscriptions were generated, it really pays to test wording even on busy pages like the one above!

Sometimes to increase conversion it’s wise to offer a choice, you’ll see many pricing pages that use a choice of 3-5 options so the user can pick which suits them most, or avoid which suits them least!, below is an example of how a “Free Trial” call to action placed alongside a “Buy Now” call to action actually increased sign ups without affecting sales.

GetResponse Call To Action Case Study :

Call To Action Case Studies

Image Credit

GetResponse tested if a “Free Trial” call to action would influence the number of paid signups it generated as well as free trials, so they added a “Free Trial” call to action at the side of the “Buy Now” one. The two variations can be seen above in the animated image.

By adding this “Free Trial” call to action GetResponse increased free sign up trials by over 158% with no negative impact on the number of paid accounts generated over the test period, a check on the site today showed a new variation below, keeping the same two choices very prominent :

Call To Action Variations

Gym Relevancy Call To Action Case Study

A Scandinavian gym tested the simple “Get Your Gym Membership” call to action over “Find Your Gym & Get Your membership” call to action and found that the latter generated a whopping 68% increase in conversions :

Call To Action Conversion Case Study

Image Credit

The original “Get Your Membership” is quite generic but is on target, it conveys the action you’d be expected to take, but the new one adds that little something more, The “Find Your Gym” just piqued interest or resonated with users just enough to make a positive impression and get them to click and follow through to convert, a great increase from just three more words!

Don’t Just Let It Ride! :

You can’t afford to simply pick a call to action and stick with it without testing any further, your competitors will be testing so you need to be too, even when you get an fantastic result you should still divert a statistically significant portion of your traffic to new variations, always be testing to try and get that extra percentage of conversion!

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