Get Your Website Ready for Semantic Search

The world of search engines and search marketing is in a (rather large) state of flux right now. New algorithms like Hummingbird and RankBrain have taken machine learning, AI and natural language processing and applied it to search results. The result? Something known as “semantic search.” Semantic search is method by which search engines deliver...

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Camelot’s new national lottery rebrand, Genius or Misfire?

The last time Camelot rebranded the National Lottery here in the UK it was 2002 and at a cost of approximately 82 million pounds. In the 13 years since, the imagery and colours of our nation’s favourite games of chance (that everyone we know never wins on!) have not really altered. This has now all...

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Google Certified Shop – What You Need To Know

*Google Certified Shop now ceases to exist* The competition online is getting more fierce by the day. New companies are springing up and existing ones are getting more and savvier about how to get seen online. With every search result a customer is subjected to double figure options of companies they can choose from in...

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Landing Page Study – Thread

Today we take a look at a landing page which we think rocks, it’s for a clothing service called Thread. The elements on page work awesomely to convert visitors into free sign ups: 1) Logo – Nice simple logo taking up minimal space but highly visible 2) FREE – Always a good word to include...

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