Free PPC Healthchecks.

Over the past few months we have been carrying out free ppc healthchecks for advertisers in which we take a detailed look at key parts of their pay per click accounts including ad group structure, ad copy and bidding strategy.

We analyse these key areas against best practice and our own tried and tested guidelines to come up with an in depth report giving each client details of how they can improve their account.

It’s not all big accounts and known brands that we work on, below is an example of work on a USA based niche fashion focused account.

Just how much difference can following our recommendations make after one of our free PPC healthchecks?

free ppc healthchecks

These figures are taken directly from a new client’s Google Adwords account and show progress after just two weeks of implementing our campaign suggestions following the free PPC healthchecks. The numbers in red are not actually warning signs, as I’ll explain below:

The number of impressions fell sharply but it is not volume of impressions that makes our clients money. The fact that click through rate has increased by over 600% highlights the fact that we have managed to remove a large number of irrelevant impressions and drive the quality traffic to the clients site.For just a 0.2% rise in number of clicks we have driven over 45% more sales, which is down to the quality of the traffic.

You will also notice that there are other numbers in red; However these all relate to monetary values (costs). These numbers are in red due to them being lower than in the previous month, so from Google’s point of view this is bad as they have lost some revenue, but from the clients point of view this is excellent news as they have actually paid over 40% less to achieve sales, which means more revenue for them.

On the money side of the KPI’s the client saved over $8 per sale and gained an extra 11 sales which would  have cost an extra $220 to acquire at their previous Cost Per Acquisition so by month end we should have around 22+ new sales at a saving of around $440 and this is just the beginning of the process, the account has to be expanded and refined over the weeks ahead.

These results were achieved by following a tried and tested ppc management and optimisation process. Keywords have been separated into tightly focused ad groups and then highly relevant ad copy was drafted, and linked directly to specific product pages and best of all this is only the early results after just two weeks, we expect them to improve even further over the months ahead.

If you are interested in one of our FREE PPC healthchecks then get in touch now.

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