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46% cost saving in the first month – PPC Management

The recent PPC management one month case study is now over, this was a new pay per click client we took on at the beginning of May so we thought we’d monitor and blog their progress as an example of what happens when an experienced ppc management agency gets their hands on an average ppc […]
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Retargeting – Increase conversions and ROI

Every once in a while a distinct step change occurs in online marketing and one of the more recent ones still to filter through to the mainstream is retargeting, or more specifically to the PPC management front is Google AdWords Remarketing. Retargeting is where you are able to display a targeted advert to someone who […]
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PPC Management – 41% cost saving in 21 days

PPC management is such a satisfying industry to work in as knowledge we have can benefit companies so much with some impressive results even in a short space of time, Following on from the earlier post we did this month HERE about the first 10 days of results from a newly acquired account under Converted ppc management […]
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Optimise your PPC Part 1 – Increasing Click Through Rate (CTR)

How to increase PPC Click Through Rate (CTR) Optimisation is something of a buzz word in paid search, and involves making changes to your account to improve its performance. At first glance this seems simple enough. Improving performance simply means lowering your cost per conversion doesn’t it? Definition – Click through rate is the ratio […]
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Track your Bing PPC data in Google Analytics

Until quite recently Bing wasn’t seen as a viable alternative to Google for paid search advertising. Yes conversion rates were often better and costs lower but there just wasn’t enough volume to make it worth any substantial effort. However with the recent merging of technology by MSN and Yahoo, Bing has started to pinch some […]
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PPC Agencies – The 11 most important questions

11 Questions you should be asking PPC Agencies before you decide which one fits best. 1 ) What’s your track record like? Most PPC agencies claim to have amazing track records with huge clients spending millions of pounds per year etc. but you need to pick an agency that’s a good fit for you. If […]
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PPC Management – 23.8% conversion boost in 10 days

PPC Management the right way isn’t an easy task! PPC management is like trying to juggle the contents of a cutlery drawer whilst blindfolded, so a methodical, systematic approach is needed to define a plan of attack, which serves as a framework to take the account forward. Obviously that is a flexible PPC management plan […]
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Free PPC Healthchecks – After our recommendations are implemented

Free PPC Healthchecks. Over the past few months we have been carrying out free ppc healthchecks for advertisers in which we take a detailed look at key parts of their pay per click accounts including ad group structure, ad copy and bidding strategy. We analyse these key areas against best practice and our own tried […]
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Verified Buyer

Converted are an extremely good partner to our business and genuinely feel like part of the team. They are responsive, proactive and provide excellent support, both in terms of managing our campaign activity and ensuring that we are equipped with the most up to date knowledge of trends and digital best practice. I have no hesitation in recommending Converted, a great team.


Verified Buyer

Been working with Converted for some time and genuine feedback is they offer a 5* service. Down to earth, very communicative, on the ball and know what they are doing. All the team we have spoken with have been fantastic, and account managers are very responsive to any questions.

Most importantly: They deliver results.


Verified Buyer

I have worked with Converted for a number of years now. Their work is always on time and to a very high standard.


Verified Buyer

Converted are an awesome agency and team of experts who’ve helped us achieve our goals consecutively every year that we’ve worked together!

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