The Converted team are happy to announce that we have been elevated from the status of ‘Google Partner’ to that of the more esteemed; Google Premier Partner!

Any PPC Management Agency that achieves the normal partner status has done well to gain that status, they’ve demonstrated a level of knowledge and proficiency that sets them apart from other more broader based agencies or practitioners who merely dabble in paid search. The introduction of the Google Premier Partner qualification is step up form this.

The Google Premier Partner status is awarded to Paid Search Agencies who have displayed proficiency in any one of five specialisations; Search Ads, Mobile Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads and Shopping Ads as well as spent at least $10,000, within a 90 day period, in each specialisation.

Google also say that they take other factors into account such as how the agency is implementing AdWords product for clients, as well as client retention in each product area, before granting a specialisation.

Converted are now a Google Premier Partner for Search Ads, Mobile Ads, Display Ads and Shopping Ads:

The new badge has a red “Premier” Stripe on the left edge of the badge, instead of the blue strip that the normal Google Partner badge has.

With the new Premier Google Partner program it should be easier for potential clients to assess if the PPC Agency is a good fit for their needs as the Premier Partner status is more granular and highlights specific specialities that the agency have shown expertise in.

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