Do you want better results from PPC? Well let’s talk about how our CRO approach to paid advertising, delivers just that.

Paid advertising is about understanding your customers and what engages them on a conscious and sub-conscious level.

It’s about leveraging technology to help you better connect with people at the right times and places, and finally its about creating continual evidence based improvements to your campaigns. Tech, testing and users is what we do well.


Get in touch if you want award-winning paid media campaigns delivered across Search, Shopping, Display, Video, Social & Re-targeting. Whether you want to increase performance with Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads or Programmatic, we have the expertise to deliver you more conversions.

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PPC Management?. . .
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What Matters

If you’re an eCommerce or lead generation website, targeting B2C, then we can help you convert more from your paid advertising in 98% of cases. #fact.

What are you looking for in a PPC Agency?

Google Premier Partner? Check.

Out of over 10,000 agencies in the UK that offer PPC management, only just over 100 are Google Premier Partners, so we sit nicely in the top 1% of agencies, as a result we have access to our own agency team at Google and all those shiny Google BETA’s, if gaining a competitive advantage floats your boat.

Experience? Check and check.

We don’t have teenagers still sporting acne, making decisions on business critical campaigns. All our team are experienced, fully qualified, paid advertising professionals. We’ve been around well over a decade, and most of our team have been along for the ride.

Results? (cue mic drop).

We’ve won awards for our work (you have no idea how resource draining entering those things are. We much prefer working on client projects).

Our current client projects include: growing SME’s, genuinely original start-ups, worthy charities and household brands.

Our work covers four continents, but our offices in Sheffield and London is our home and where we spend most of our days.

Why Us?

(Good question.. Probably should have led with this)

We could write war and peace here, but frankly, you won’t read it, and we don’t want to.

We have worked with hundreds of eCommerce and lead generation projects, and we consistently deliver year on year growth for them.

You might need to move to the next level. Maybe your in-house team just needs support, or our personal favourite – you’re ambitious and you want to create more opportunities and convert more often. If this is the case, then we might be the best PPC Management Agency for you.

Get in touch and be Converted.

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Here are a few of our ‘creds and ‘wards

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Here’s what our clients have to say!

Paul Tyler


“Converted have provided us with the epitome of partnership. They are an essential extension of our
in-house team and proactively serve up ideas and solutions as well as achieving great results.”

John Bancroft MBE


“Excellent service, great quality, and quantity of sales. I am absolutely delighted with the improvements that Converted have made to the quantity and quality of sales leads generated by the pay per click marketing that they have been doing for us.”

Christina Adamopoulou

Cognita Schools

“Converted have been managing our PPC and SEO activity at Cognita Schools for the past couple of years. They are a knowledgeable, hard-working team who will go over and above their responsibility as an agency and try to help with broader marketing issues as well.”

Adrian Leary

Revival Beds

“We have been with Converted for our PPC activity since the beginning of 2013 and it has been a very positive step for the business. Our account manager is very knowledgeable and always pushing to make changes/improvements whenever possible.”

Jamie Pierce

London Travel Clinic

“The team at Converted provide great support, crucial insights and excellent delivery across search, paid and web development. Their expertise in the digital space combined with a deep understanding of our customers continues to deliver excellent results for our business.”

Zak Edwards


“Best PPC agency I have ever worked with! From the onset, the attitude of Converted has been first class and the staff is always more than willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to get the job done! Our PPC campaign has grown tremendously in terms of ROI.”


There’s no such thing as a stupid question!

Converted offers an industry leading pay per click (PPC) partnership program to help facilitate growth for other digital businesses and their clients. This is both on a referral basis and white label pay per click. We currently work with Design Agencies, branding agencies, Marketing Consultants and more, to offer their customer base industry leading paid search expertise, without the fixed costs.

Here are some of the most common questions about our white label digital marketing answered.

All our core digital marketing and creative capabilities can be offered on a white label basis. This includes – Paid Search, Organic Search (SEO), and Web Design & Development.

Each partnership is unique an Converted take care to ensure our partners have the maximum benefit from our services. Following an initial consultation, we will understand what you are looking for in your white label agency and tailor the service where possible to your requirements. For our white label clients you are the client, therefore, all work is done with your best interests in mind.

No. All partnerships can be either a straight referral or white label. Commission on all our digital marketing services remains the same regardless of whether it is white label or referral. The only difference is that you are the client for invoicing purposes and the point of contact with one and not the other.

You as the white label partner will have direct access to your account director, who manages the projects with you. You will have an effective stream of communication between all the stakeholders within Converted and your own team. Each month you will receive a branding free highly detailed report for use with your clients that contains all necessary information. These reports can be made bespoke to match requirements.

For all our active white label digital partners we have assisted not only in the tendering process but also successfully secured business for clients. Our insight and research can prove invaluable in defining the right strategy for your clients. What if some of our services match your own. There is nothing to fear. As a white label or referring client you are just as valuable a partnership – if not more so – than any single client. We actively ensure we respect the relationships at all times. Cultivating mutually beneficial long-term digital partnerships is the key to our success. We are proud to say we have a 100% retention rate for our white label partnerships.

To find out more please contact us today and discuss your requirements with one of our team

Driving new engagement opportunities with expert charity ppc (pay per click).

How many charity organisations around the world do amazing work, yet struggle to a wider audience? Maybe you’re looking to keep interested parties well informed. Or trying to raise awareness regarding a specific issue or campaign? Maybe you’re just looking to drive new donations to help fund the next set of charitable initiatives? Whatever the need for new outreach for your website, PPC for charities can help.

Pay per click marketing is a fast and effective way to achieve digital goals. It allows among other things – real time data, fast strategic decision making and transparent performance metrics. Paid search marketing has fast become a major focus for charities and their digital marketing. In addition to the normal benefits of PPC, some search engines offer additional support to charities such as the Google Non-Profit Grant. You can find this through the Google Adwords paid search platform.

Converted are acknowledged by Google as being a non-profits featured provider. This means Google recognise Converted as an advertising agency that can provide a charity with the right level of support and charity pay per click expertise. In addition to this we are also a Google Premier Partner agency with specialisations across all major biddable media. We have experience of applying for and managing the Google Non-Profit Grant campaigns as well as successful applications for the Google Grant Pro.

So if you represent a charity and would like support or advice on using Adwords to raise awareness of your charity then feel free to contact us today.

We will provide support for obtaining the Google non-profits grant. We understand the terms and conditions of a charity working on the major search engines and we provide this knowledge as part of our service.

Converted will create and implement a paid search strategy once we understand the organisation and its aims. This is with no setting up fees to the charity.

We offer the charity direct contact with an Account Team.

All this is offered with a reduced monthly fee as part of Converted’s commitment to charities.

If you’re new to advertising your business or yourself online then you might not know about SEM or PPC (or pay per click). This useful guide will give you an overview of what PPC is about and how it can benefit your business.

PPC is a digital marketing medium that lets you pay for relevant or interested users to come to your website after they have seen your adverts displayed on a search engines results page (think Google or Bing results pages). You don’t pay to have your adverts displayed and seen by the user, but only pay when someone clicks on the advert and goes to your website or mobile app.

You can select search terms or ‘keywords’ that you want to make sure your adverts appear for and then you can set the maximum bid you are prepared to pay for someone who types in that keyword and clicks on your advert. This means you can control the traffic to your website. What they searched for and the cost of getting them to your website.


You are a company who sells a specific type of car. You only sell red sports cars.

You can choose to bid on keywords such as ‘red sports car’ or ‘best sports cars in red’

You might not want to appear for ‘cheapest sports cars’ or ‘blue sports cars.’

Once you have selected your keywords and your maximum bids, as well as created your adverts then you’re ready to go.  Each time a user types in a keyword that you are bidding on, then you will be entered into an auction with every other company who is also bidding on that same keyword. Remember your top bid is the maximum you will pay for that keyword.

The results of the auctions for pay per click on search engines like Google and Bing are not just based on whoever bids highest. Bidding the most on a keyword does not guarantee first position. Instead search engines use something called ad rank to decide who is position 1, 2, 3, etc….

Ad rank is a calculation based on your maximum bid (also known as maximum CPC or cost per click), as well as something called a quality score. Quality score is made up of many things, which we will not go into it here (as this is just about the basics). However we can say that quality score is designed to make sure that whoever bids most is not automatically first in the paid ads results. Rightly, this is because whoever pays most might not be the best thing for the user themselves and gives every company from the largest to the smallest a fairer opportunity to market their products or services.

So the search engines will take your maximum bid and your quality scores and use a calculation to create you ad rank (max CPC x QS = Ad Rank). You have the highest ad rank for that one search at that one time to that one user and your companies advert will be position 1 in the paid ads results.

The search engines run this pay per click auction in the fraction of a second it takes for the user to type in their search and click the enter/search button.

Google Adwords is the PPC platform created and owned by Google. It provides the opportunity for companies to market their products and services using Google’s search engine, Display network and You Tube video sharing platform.  While there are more platforms available such as Bing Ads, private ad exchanges and for overseas marketing

Pay per click marketing has evolved beyond this basic premise of bidding on a keyword and a user clicking your advert in a search engines results pages (also known as SERPS). Now there are so many more opportunities to connect with your target audience and not all are based on a pay per click model, albeit they fall under the paid search umbrella.

For example you can pay per thousand impressions of your display adverts (image banner adverts you see on other people’s websites). An impression is where a user see’s your image adverts or display adverts, but do not have to click on them. If they click on them then you do not pay for the click as you are already paying per thousand impressions.

You can pay for people to view your videos, whether its informational videos, product adverts or anything else.

Paid advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter all fall under PPC.

We have not begun to discuss opportunities like remarketing, retargeting, behaviour bidding or some of the other more complex aspects of pay per click marketing. PPC is not to be confused with SEO, which is the art of improving a website or mobile apps online visibility in organic search results, where you do not pay per click.

You can control who you appear to, when you appear to them, what messages they see and where on your website they go to. This level of control allows you to find your perfect customers then tailor a message and experience.

Paid search often happens in real time so you can get data on the day’s performance and immediate insight. Unlike other marketing channels that need to be built up before seeing the real successes or analytical insight, PPC generates data from day one. You can appear on page one of a search engines SERPS (search engine results pages) the same day you go live with a PPC campaign. Therefore as a route to market PPC is often a popular first choice.

Provided you have the appropriate tracking set up to support your ppc activity then you can have complete transparency unlike other marketing channels. You can see exactly how much you have invested. What data that has generated and what ROI, Conversions, Performance that has generated.

This level of visibility for your ROI and performance is another reason any digital marketing strategy should include PPC in its thoughts.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all in PPC. You can have two websites offering the exact same products to the exact same customers and you can get two completely different sets of performance results.

With the amount of options available to you through pay per click, be it remarketing, search, display, RLSA’s, scheduling, geographic targeting and more, each pay per click campaign can be as unique as you and your products.

Converted are often asked to help turn around underperforming or stagnating ppc projects. In fact this is our most common issue when approached by potential clients. This proves that there are businesses that have been operating their own ppc campaigns for some time, as well as other professional digital marketing agencies, who still cannot deliver the right performance to match their business targets. Performance in adwords or any pay per click campaign is not guaranteed.

So if you are a new start up company or someone who has never used paid search/pay per click before, getting the right results can be even harder. Before you know it you can spend lots for little or no return. Getting the strategy and implementation of your pay per click and biddable media campaigns is essential and this is where agency support can be vital.

There are multiple ad platforms, whether it’s different search engines, ad networks or digital advertising mediums such as video, display and search. All require different knowledge and understanding. Google alone has exams for search marketing (basics and advanced), mobile marketing, video marketing, display marketing and Google Analytics to pass.

When you work with an agency you have access to this knowledge and skill set. You have a team that keeps up to date with the latest innovations in pay per click, CRO, UX as well as the latest technical requirements.

When committing to PPC, you have to be aware of the amount of time needed to properly research, create, implement, analyse and refine a pay per click project. PPC can be both labour intensive and highly specialised. If you have neither the time the skills or the experience, then ppc management is often a more profitable and more realistic solution.  

Without expert support you can lose valuable time that you could spend working on other aspects of your business, just trying to keep on top of what the data says, let alone keeping tabs on the industry, competitors and planning and implementation of change and improvements.

Paying for a PPC agency might seem counter intuitive to the argument of saving money. However it is in all likelihood the outcome you would see. An agency who knows what they are doing should always be able to deliver better results than someone who manages their own paid search campaigns. In such a specialised industry it is hard for people from other industries to become an expert at PPC while fulfilling duties in their own business.

You may want to choose to hire your own in house PPC team. While this is a viable option, you must remember that a good digital agency will have a team of qualified professional consultants. Should you hire one in house individual you trust all results and knowledge to this one person. Additionally the cost of hiring just one pay per click expert in house can be more expensive than using an agency. This is before holidays and sickness is factored in, at which times you are likely to be without anyone actively managing your ppc activity.  Considering the minimum holidays are 28 days in the UK, this means no active management for one month out of every 12.

For all our active white label digital partners we have assisted not only in the tendering process but also successfully secured business for clients. Our insight and research can prove invaluable in defining the right strategy for your clients. What if some of our services match your own. There is nothing to fear. As a white label or referring client you are just as valuable a partnership – if not more so – than any single client. We actively ensure we respect the relationships at all times. Cultivating mutually beneficial long-term digital partnerships is the key to our success. We are proud to say we have a 100% retention rate for our white label partnerships.

When you hand over your marketing budget, whether it is in the thousands or the millions, you need to feel comfortable that the money will be appropriately managed and that you will get the right insight and reporting. So that you can understand the data and results paid search marketing generates for your business.

When you use an agency like Converted you will benefit from people who know what is important to your business and what is ‘background noise.’ Therefore the insight, ideas and observations can prove critical to long term ROI and ROAS performance.  

Additionally you can focus on other areas of the business knowing that you will regularly receive meaningful reporting that provides the right data and insight to allow you to confidentially make strategic decisions to benefit your business.

While cities such as London and Manchester are renowned for being hubs of digital activity in Britain, Sheffield is quietly making its mark as a digital and creative centre for UK business. Whether it’s Yorkshire’s stereotypical eye for value, the open and honest way in which we communicate or just the sheer volume of digital talent that we are producing, more and more companies are looking to source Yorkshire digital marketing and creative expertise to help drive their business forward. This is why Converted are proud to be experts in PPC in Sheffield and South Yorkshire as a whole.

We have been providing Adwords marketing consultation to the people of Sheffield for over ten years and regularly contribute to events organised within the city and surrounding areas. We are passionate about helping local business and we can point to the success we have seen with companies like IPM Security as evidence that even after our successes we still deliver for companies both locally in and around Sheffield and Yorkshire, as well as on the national and international stage. We understand the community and how to engage with them through web design, organic SEO improvements or our bread and butter of paid search marketing. Our Adwords marketing campaigns provide Millions in revenue for British companies with a number coming from Sheffield, Yorkshire & Derbyshire (our offices do sit nicely between the two counties!)

Part of our commitment to helping local business is our community support programme. If your company is based in South Yorkshire (Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster) or Derbyshire and would like AdWords management, pay per click services or general digital marketing support, then we will provide you with a no obligation onsite visit. We will sit down and show you exactly what options are available to you and what recommendations we would give. We can even offer you a free review of the activity you are running at the minute. This is an offer to help where we can, providing local companies with clear information and direction on how to further improve their digital footprint.

This is not about finding new opportunities for ourselves, but instead giving back to the community who has helped Converted get to where they are today, one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies. A company who is proud to be a Sheffield PPC agency and be a part of the amazing hub of digital marketing in Sheffield. Hopefully through our participation within the community we love, we can play a small part in the continuation of Sheffield’s fast growing reputation as a technology and creative marketing epicenter for the UK.

For more information on how we can help you please call or email us today.

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