We don’t deliver traffic for the sake of it.

Oh, so you want to be number one? Well, while that’s a nice thought. . .  you’re wrong

What you actually want is more organic traffic. Although even then you’re still not quite there. If you’re reading this then what you really want is to improve & grow the results you see from your organic marketing channel.

Now that’s something we do well (although we also happen to do the other two things as a result of this!). You can find out more about the ‘how’ below. 

Here are a few others we’ve worked with!

A conversion obsessed.
SEO agency.

What Matters.

We specialise in technical SEO, content marketing and authority building, digital PR for national and international SEO campaigning. Or in other words, we are rather good at growing peoples organic revenue and traffic. 

Love that organic traffic.

So you’re looking for good SEO consultancy? You’re not alone. While digital marketing has evolved into a disruptive multi-device, multi-touch point process, good performing organic traffic is still a key component of many businesses marketing strategy. Best of all, like Willy, it’s free. 

But what does good SEO look like? 

Good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation for those of you who aren’t down with the acronyms in business lingo bingo) is a combination of many things.

Creativity, originality, good quality content, Couple these with technical know-how, a UX focused approach, a quality digital PR strategy & you’re pretty much there. 

Fortunately, we’ve got a fair bit of experience in all of the above. 

What rankings have we delivered? 

Not that rankings are as important as results, but if you insist – here are just some of the terms our clients have achieved position one rankings for: 

  • 4 poster beds
  • Gifts for him
  • IT company Nottingham (for you local peeps)
  • Conversion marketing agency (that’s us)

Although remember. Rankings are a vanity. Results are what matters. 

What SEO services can we provide?

Here’s a wee run down of the kind of SEO consultancy and activity we provide regularly. 

SEO Audits & Consultancy

Before you do anything make a plan. Just make sure its a good one. 

Technical SEO

Good SEO starts with a technically good website. Whether that’s site speed, Jquery or server performance, our developers understand technical SEO

Content & Digital PR (Outreach)

We can help you create original quality content for you and your customers. But content is no good if no one shows it love. We can help promote your brand digitally and develop an organic link building strategy. 

Local SEO & International SEO

The clues are in the name, but we have experience of delivering revenue, leads, traffic and rankings on a local, national and international stage. Local research, native speakers, international technical SEO, Google business listings, the map pack & more. 

Website Migration & SEO Implications

We have seen some horror stories of website migrations gone wrong. Thankfully none we have been involved with. If you’re migrating your website and need to ensure it goes smoothly work with Converted and our SEO migration checklist and process to ensure you don’t lose in the move. 

How much & how long? 

If we had a £1 for every time we get asked this question.

‘How much do you charge?’

‘How long will it be?’ 

Well to save you/us some time on this, we thought we would come right out and tell you. 

How much is our SEO Services?

Depends. We don’t have packages. Trying to improve organic traffic & revenue to an established car insurance company is going to be more involved than ‘IT Company in Nottingham’ (one we have actually delivered). 

So we calculate fees based on our findings, the issues, the potential work needed and the time spent. This then feeds into the price. 

How long will it take to see SEO results? 

We don’t want to say ‘how long is a piece of string, but. . . 

Sometimes actions deliver instant effects and uplift. Sometimes the work requires a sustained approach to yield results.

One month’s actions completely change the fortunes and performance of an addiction treatment clinic we were asked to help. A games room client took four months of testing and improvement to get back what they had lost over the years. 

All we can tell you is that we know that every investment needs to show returns. We judge ourselves on growth and returns so that’s what we deliver, whether that’s next week, next month or longer.

Clients can leave us at any time so we have to deliver value or you go. Simples. 

Why would Converted be a good fit for your SEO Management? 

It’s just as easier & quicker to grow your business by improving your conversion rate than improving your organic traffic volume. Although if you do both you’re on to a winner, winner, chicken dinner. 

 As search engines move closer to a user-first ranking algorithm, it is more important to base your SEO strategy on creating the ideal experience for customers. 

See, if you want to get search engines to love you, you need your customers to love you first. 

When we look at search engine optimisation it’s this approach, grounded in our CRO background, that helps us drive organic performance improvement. 

But don’t think we aren’t well versed in all the latest and best practices around SEO locally in the UK or International SEO. The team here spend every day doing just that.

So, if you would like to improve your online visibility both ethically and originally, then speak to Converted.


For Robots

If you’re an e-commerce or lead generation website, targeting B2C, then we can help you convert more from your paid advertising. #fact.

What do you need from your PPC Management team?

Google Premier Partner? Check.
We have access to our own team and all those shiny Google BETA’s; if gaining a competitive advantage floats your boat.

Experience? Check and check.
We don’t have teenagers, still sporting acne – and a degree in ‘who gives a shit’ – making decisions on business critical campaigns. All our team is experienced, fully qualified paid advertising professionals. We’ve been around over a decade, and most of our team have been along for the ride.

Results? (cue mic drop).
PPC campaigns strategised and implemented by our team have won awards, (you have no idea how resource draining entering those things are, we much prefer working on client projects).

Performing well in the organic search results is getting harder. As more digital properties arise, competition for rankings in the SERP’s increases; and regular algorithmic updates ensure that there are no longer shortcuts to SEO success.

In today’s world, each SEO campaign needs to be rigorously thought out and carefully crafted to help you, the client, achieve your objectives.

To achieve increased organic visibility, Converted use a combination of in-depth research and analysis, onsite technical improvements, UX insight, creative content, original ideas and targeted outreach – all to deliver the objective. Your conversion, whatever that may be.

We recognise it is one thing to deliver organic search traffic, but another to define and drive the right organic traffic. As an SEO agency, we base the success of our SEO campaigns on our ability to deliver you not just organic traffic, but organic traffic that converts!

We have delivered quantifiable SEO results in highly competitive industries on a local, national and international level. Having created and worked on multi-lingual, multi-objective based SEO campaigns aimed at both websites and mobile applications, we’re more than comfortable calling ourselves SEO experts.

When you choose Converted as your SEO agency, you’ll be working with a dedicated team who have a wealth of experience in growing organic visibility across a variety of industries. Each of our SEO team is Google accredited and are committed to going above and beyond to achieve the best possible results for our client’s SEO campaigns.

Get in touch and be Converted.

Be Converted

Here are a few of our ‘creds and ‘wards

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Paul Tyler


“Converted have provided us with the epitome of partnership. They are an essential extension of our
in-house team and proactively serve up ideas and solutions as well as achieving great results.”

John Bancroft MBE


“Excellent service, great quality, and quantity of sales. I am absolutely delighted with the improvements that Converted have made to the quantity and quality of sales leads generated by the pay per click marketing that they have been doing for us.”

Christina Adamopoulou

Cognita Schools

“Converted have been managing our PPC and SEO activity at Cognita Schools for the past couple of years. They are a knowledgeable, hard-working team who will go over and above their responsibility as an agency and try to help with broader marketing issues as well.”

Adrian Leary

Revival Beds

“We have been with Converted for our PPC activity since the beginning of 2013 and it has been a very positive step for the business. Our account manager is very knowledgeable and always pushing to make changes/improvements whenever possible.”

Jamie Pierce

London Travel Clinic

“The team at Converted provide great support, crucial insights and excellent delivery across search, paid and web development. Their expertise in the digital space combined with a deep understanding of our customers continues to deliver excellent results for our business.”

Zak Edwards


“Best PPC agency I have ever worked with! From the onset, the attitude of Converted has been first class and the staff is always more than willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to get the job done! Our PPC campaign has grown tremendously in terms of ROI.”

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