Google as recently as 2016 made a huge change to how AdWords marketers write ad copy for Google Adwords search campaigns, with the introduction of expanded text ads.

This took away from the old 25 character headline and 35 characters for a description line one and two as seen below.

Instead replaced it with an expanded text ad. This gave you not one but two 30 character headlines and a whopping 80 character description line among other things. When creating a new expanded text ad for search ads you will see the below options within the AdWords system.

Notice how it displays (to the right) on mobile devices. This led to the ability to improve the overall messaging and much deeper ad copy testing by digital marketers.

Well it looks like Google isn’t done yet. Converted were recently working within a clients account and came across a new Beta feature. Expanded expanded text ads! (adception anyone?)

Additional Description Box

The big change? The addition of another description box for your AdWords extended ads. This gives you another 80 characters. Combined this is 220 characters to now get across an engaging proposition.

Look at our example below:

As you can see it is certainly a Beta Google is testing, however we here at Converted have not come across any information on this, so it must be in it’s very early stages. What this will mean to the SERPS on a desktop device we aren’t sure, but from our initial analysis it looks like mobile devices will not make use of the second description line feature. .

So there you have it. Googles Extended ads second description field.  A change that potentially can have huge implications on average position targeting, account wide ad copy strategy, SERPS layouts, CTR’s and those all important conversions.

We’ll stay close to this and keep everyone informed as it develops.

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