Today we take a look at a landing page which we think rocks, it’s for a clothing service called Thread.

The elements on page work awesomely to convert visitors into free sign ups:

1) Logo – Nice simple logo taking up minimal space but highly visible

2) FREE – Always a good word to include free if you offering is free.

3) Exclusivity – Another great thing, says “It’s just for you” (if you’re a man!)

4) Cool People – Wearing good clothes, cool & diverse range here too, casual to smart!

5) Value Proposition РSays what using Thread will do for  you.

6) Sub Heading – Explains the service more, sells the benefits of Thread.

7)  Data Capture РSign up area nicely situated after building up desire.

8) Speed ¬†– “Takes 2 mins” – implies it’s fast and easy to complete.

9)  Sentence Based Form РIncluding text boxes within sentences converts better.

10) Call To Action – “Next” rocks, note that it’s not “Sign Up” or “Join”. This
implies no commitment at all at this stage.

11) Testimonial – This one covers what you are thinking.. you’re unsure still, or you would¬†have filled in the form and pressed “Next” already, and this testimonial addresses this thought perfectly.

12)  People РPutting a picture gives testimonials far more impact and adds legitimacy.

13) Social Proof – Which awesome places feature Thread, This implies that if these places¬†like Thread then it’s good enough for you!

14) FAQ – Answers what you are thinking about how it works.

15) Bullet Points – People scan information so bullet points make this easier to absorb.

16) FAQ РAnswers how it can be FREE, Thread is being transparent and honesty here about how they earn money from the service they offer you for free.

17 ) FAQ Р Answers WHY stylists work with Thread.

All in all this is one of the best landing pages we’ve seen in this sector, the only thing I feel is missing is at the bottom where I feel it would benefit from a further call to action area or at the very least a call to action button.
Next Page :

Once you fill in your name, I filled mine in before even realising I’d done it, text boxes in sentences are magnetic, it’s hard not to fill one in! you then go to the next page which has this area on it:

Upon loading this page your name is pre-filled from the previous page and Thread just asks for 3 more items of your data to proceed, which is all the data they need at this point, no doubt they need more info later but not now so they don’t ask for it yet.

The choice to use Facebook is there too, lots of people prefer to login to sites with Facebook so this will boost conversion for them again for those too lazy to type their name or preferring to login in future via Facebook.

Finally their call to action “Get Started” is action orientated, it implies that something good is going to happen rather than acquiescing to a standard “Sign Up” or “Join” button etc. that most sites use.

In closing.. Only Thread know how well this page is working for them but we feel this has the right elements in place to be converting at a fantastic rate!

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