In the recent Google Mobile Search Moments report the perception of mobile ads was explored and some interesting figures generated that can help to shape the strategy of an account and the direction to take it.

Mobile Ads In The Context Of Environment   :

Mobile Ads Location

When users are in the purchase/problem solution mode in a store they are much more likely to notice ads, hence you may find better engagement with adcopy that is tailored towards purchasing/solving problems.

Mobile Ads Effectiveness During Goal Orientated Searches

Mobile Ads Effectiveness

As  you can see from above stats people noticed mobile ads more when they are in a goal orientated frame of mind where they need information to decide which item/service to purchase, tailoring your keywords towards goal solution could increase your engagement and ultimately conversion if you offer the right product or solution.

Mobile Ad Perceptions – What People Liked About Mobile Ads

Mobile Ads Perceptions

A healthy 59% saw mobile ads as being useful with no extra clicks needed and that they were easy to spot giving just the information thats useful, Others commented that the mobile ads weren’t annoying or invasive, they were short and to the point, quicker loading and most importantly they were relevant! – So with this in mind there seems to be a positive reception to mobile ads.

The above figures would infer that providing that you serve your mobile ads at the right time in the research/buying cycle and that they are relevant to goal orientated keywords they will offer a solution that is positively received by searchers.

As with anything in PPC Management you need to test mobile ads, they work for some services/products but not all so test, analyse the data, optimise and retest etc. as with any PPC channel. The Google Mobile Search Moments report available here has lots more juicy stats and information to take onboard and it’s well worth a read.

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