We are so used to being told what to do by signs in the real world that we follow them even online so social conditioning can be used to boost landing page conversion optimisation by the use of arrows pushing users towards a desired action. It’s well established in various eye tracking studies that users view a page with their eyes in an ‘F’ pattern (source) so anything in this ‘F’ zone will be seen quite easily, if outside this zone then additional aids to push eyes over to what you wish them to do may be used for to boost conversion and arrows are ideal for this.

F shape eye tracking study

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In our conversion optimised landing page designs we make strong use of arrows to push users where we want them to go to boost conversion. We have found that over the years users are more like sheep than even we feared, you not only have to make call to actions clear by making them big, bold and contrasting against the background, you also have to use visual cues to push them over to the call to action from other parts of the page to maximise conversion.

In landing page optimisation designs sometimes the user needs telling exactly what to do, other times they need leading to another area of the page (to be then told what to do!), in the example below we chose the most direct route for a car text check client. The client needs users to enter a car registration number and press the “Check’ button, it doesn’t get much simpler but over the old page we achieved a 110% conversion increase due to the linear placement of the “Free” headline, with sub heading alluding to every 3rd car having a problem then arrow pushing the user over to the large inviting text box and “Check” button.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Arrow

On other landing pages we we have pulled the users eye to one side of the page to build a conversion enhancer such as trust like the example below with a testimonial or build need in the user before we present them with a call to action but we wish that call to action to be above the fold as we know that some users will convert sooner than others. Not everyone needs so much rapport building and some will convert sooner so we cater to both camps with all the conversion enhancers but we have contact forms above the fold, example below, where we use an arrow and “Our consultation with a specialist Dr” to push users across to convert but the page carries on if they need more information before deciding to get in touch.

Conversion Optimisation Arrow Medical

The above page is fairly long one by UK standards that has several call to actions and two consultation arrangement forms, it has definitely done it’s conversion optimisation job as it has increased conversion by 500% month on month for the first two months it was in use! You can read more about that page here and see why it works and how all the conversion enhancers come into play. *FYI we tried “Free consultation” initially but quality of leads started to suffer, even though it is a free consultation, sometimes it pays to pull back the wording to increase the lead quality!

Sometimes we use arrows to draw attention to deeper content on a page that might not be immediately apparent, in the example below, which is actually from the page above too, we used an arrow and “read more” wording to highlight that there are more testimonials if users wish to read them, this kind of expandable content helps keeps landing pages compact yet allows for more information for those users that need it.

Testimonials Conversion Optimisation

To display this amount of testimonials normally would take up a fair bit of page space that might be wasted on some users, not everyone believes testimonials but some people love to read them so again we cater for both by having several to hand but we keep the data compact on the page but it can be clicked to read more, the arrow highlights this and tracking shows it has been used frequently.

Medical negligence claims aren’t exactly sexy but a small arrow played a part significant part in optimising the page conversion process below, before we optimised the landing page design the process wasn’t transparent and it seemed long and drawn out so we went for a simple 4 step claim process to make it seem more easy and realistic to users. The new page with the 4 step process increased conversion by 25% but when an arrow was added it increased by to 31% overall as the arrow pushed people to actually read the boxes rather than just glance at them.

Medical Conversion Optimisation

When used in the right way with the right wording, arrows can help push a users attention around your landing page very effectively so we recommend testing them on existing landing pages to see if they make any difference but remember to test a couple of different styles and different wording before claiming success and rolling them out site wide!


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